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The first issue of the Night Watch - Misha Savinov's column devoted to the FIDE world championship in Argentina. Added to the "Competitions" section.
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30.09.2005 Mark Dvoretsky's opinion
Mark Dvoretsky had been reluctant to give any concrete forecast or even to name a group of players who in his opinion have better chances. However, we decided that the Honored Trainer's way of thinking on the subject will nevertheless be interesting to the reader.
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Read exclusive interview of A/Bykhovsky
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29.09.2005 A.Kentler CROSSROADS
Oh the former world championships were great... "Great people do not play in San Luis – Kasparov, Kramnik, Karpov, Khalifman, Shirov, Ponomariov, Ivanchuk – all the best chess players! Add anyone to them, and you will get the championship ten times stronger!.."
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Read exclusive interview of Alexander Nikitin.
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28.09.2005 FIDE announces a change in the World Cup dates!
According to the FIDE official webpage, the dates the World Cup have been changed to 26th November (arrival) - 17th December (departure), "following an imperative request from the Russian Chess Federation", also supported by the World Cup organizers.
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Read exclusive interview of Victor Korchnoi.
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Read exclusive interview of FIDE ex-world champion Alexander Khalifman.
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26.09.2005 N. Vitiugov – A Key Game or The Last Round
Nikita Vitiugov writes about terra incognita of chess player's mastery - one's ability to play key games. Read in the section "Creativity".
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20.09.2005 Our announcement: e3e5 on coming WC in San Luis
The FIDE world championship starts on September, 27th in San Luis, Argentina. Considering general interest to this competition among all chess professionals and amateurs, we decided to entertain our readers with games' analyses, express interviews etc. during the whole event. Our journalists Maxim Notkin and Misha Savinov will publish their reviews "Pearl of the day" and "Night watch" on a daily basis. Other e3e5 authors will contribute as well. Stay tuned and follow our publications!
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19.09.2005 M.Notkin. Beauty will save the world
Read IM Maxim Notkin's detailed annotations of the best games of July in the section "Creativity"
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15.09.2005 Golden Blitz Tournament
Ruslan Ponomariov and Alexandra Kosteniuk won the first Golden Blitz trophies in a chess show that was broadcasted live for two days on Russia and many former Soviet Union republics.
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14.09.2005 Golden Blitz Tournament
Moscow tournament, a part of the ACP-tour, exceeds all expectations! NTV+ broadcasts the tournament online with comments of grandmasters J.Lautier and S.Makarychev and the list of participants inspires respect.
Yesterday during the first match of quarterfinal ex-champion of Europe P.Tregubov succeeded in his duel with Y.Pelletier, and in the second one the Major League of Russian Chess Championship winner E.Bareev beat N.Short. So, today there will be two Russian chess players in the first semi-final. Other pair consists of the French representative V.Tkachiev, who outplayed A.Motylev, and FIDE world ex-champion P.Ponomariov, who took hold of A.Grischuk’s mistakes. The champion of Russia A.Kosteniuk, who defeated Zhu Chen, and the champion of France E.Skripchenko, who outplayed I.Krush (USA) will play in the woman’s final.
We offer you the selection of photos taken by M.Savinov during the competition.
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13.09.2005 Golden Blitz Tournament
Today, during the first playing day of the «Golden blitz» tournament of ACP-tour, men’s quarterfinal and women’s semi-final will take place.
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IM Sergey Klimov presents his view on Peter Leko, who celebrated his 26th birthday on September, 8th .
Read in the section "Creativity"
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09.09.2005 Boris Gelfand gives his view
Boris Gelfand answers the questions about the ACP-FIDE meeting.
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06.09.2005 Mikhail Kobalija gives his view
Mikhail Kobalija, who is in the lead at the Russian championship in Kazan, answers the questions about the ACP-FIDE meeting.
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02.09.2005 Golden Blitz Tournament
The ACP is proud to announce the « Golden Blitz » Tournament, to be held in Moscow on 13th and 14th of September 2005.
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02.09.2005 Our publication announcement
We congratulate our readers on "The day of knowledge"! The higher league of the Russian championship will take place in the very beginning of September (3-11) in Kazan, and you will find chess reviews on our site (of the 1-3, 4-6 and 7-9 rounds), that will be prepared by IM Klimov. A portrait of the outstanding chessplayer Ivanchuk was painted by master Vitjugov, his articles were met with a deserved approval on our site. Focus attention will be given to the world championship in San-Luis (September 27 - October 16) - we hope to attract our readers' attention by original analysis of the tournament. IM Notkin will prepare a monthly review "the best games of month": you will find a shortlist by the end of the first decade, afterwards experts voting results will appear and, finally, a thorough annotation of the best games of month will be available for our readers. You will have a chance to read analytical works by incomparable Dvoretsky, opening theory articles by grandmaster Ivanov and interviews about the burning problems of chess development. Master Faibisovich prepares a new St.Petersburg chess history essay< this time it will be dedicated to Petrogradskaja Storona. Our website will celebrate its 2-year birthday in the beginning of December, the age is not that serious, but we managed to do some things. We'll hope that the better is to come.
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01.09.2005 E.Sutovsky - V.Kramnik - the best game of July
IM Maxim Notkin sums up the experts' opinions about the best games played in July. Soon we will publish the review of the July brilliances.
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