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31.05.2005 "Master makers". Evgeny Vladimirov
Grandmaster Evgeny Vladimirov answers the ACP questions about the role of trainer in chess.
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26.05.2005 April's Laureate Moiseenko - Svidler
IM Maxim Notkin reviews the best games that were played in the chess world and appraised by experts in April 2005. Until the end of May you will read an analysis of the best masterpieces and a detailed survey of all candidate encounters of the month. And in the first decade of June there will be a new list (May’s laureate), so it is going to be, diligently, every month.
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24.05.2005 М.Dvoretsky. Practical psychology
A new survey of Mark Dvoretsky is presented in a 'solitaire chess' form. A game between Kasparov and Korchnoi, played in London in 1983, provides a food for thought about the role of psychology in chess.
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23.05.2005 "Master makers". Andrey Lukin
Trainer of P.Svidler international master Andrey Lukin answers the ACP questions about the role of trainer in chess.
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23.05.2005 Supertournament in Sofia
The tournament in Sofia ended by the victory of the Bulgarian grandmaster Veselin Topalov that had scored 6.5 points out of 10. V.Anand won the 2nd place (5.5), J.Polgar and R.Ponomariov shared the 3rd and 4th places (5 points), M.Adams and V.Kramnik were the last (4 points). In the 10th Round the games Anand – Polgar and Ponomariov – Adams ended in draw, Kramnik contrived to make a one move blunder and resign to Topalov. There are no doubts that one certainly has to spread the tournament regulations (that forbids players to talk during the encounter) over all official competitions, and firstly over the FIDE fall world championship. Only the play from the first move till the last one and impossibility of cutting down the number of games (owing to the authority of participants) will lead to fairer results in every competition. And the sponsors having seen that chessplayers do not avoid struggle almost in the half of the encounters anymore, will probably direct their eyes (and money) on the game. Sofia gives chance to start a new epoch of chess competitions!
more [source: www.mtelmasters.com]

23.05.2005 Michal Krasenkow annotates
Grandmaster Michal Krasenkow annotates one of the best games of April: Smirnov – Sakaev. (available in Russian)
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20.05.2005 "Master makers". Vyacheslav Osnos
Former trainer of Viktor Korchnoi international master Vyacheslav Osnos answers the ACP questions about the role of trainer in chess.
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20.05.2005 M. Dvoretsky A grandmaster level
The 21st game of the match between Karpov and Korchnoi in Baguio was carefully analyzed quite a few times for the last quarter of the century. Mark Dvoretsky suggests examining the game from a position of the decision-making process.
Read in the section "Creativity".
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19.05.2005 "Master makers". Sergey Janovsky
Grandmaster Sergey Janovsky answers the ACP questions about the role of trainer in chess.
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18.05.2005 "Master makers"D.Yevseev answers the ACP questions
Grandmaster Denis Yevseev answers the ACP questions about the role of trainer in chess.
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18.05.2005 The artists are not only grandees (part 2)
IM Maxim Notkin reviews the best games of March. Read the second part in the section "Creativity".
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17.05.2005 Grandmaster E. Alekseev annotates
St. Petersburg 19-year-old grandmaster Evgeny Alekseev played superbly at the Russian team championship, finishing second on Board 1 (1 - P. Svidler, 3 - V. Ivanchuk, etc). For our readers Evgeny annotates his win against V. Burmakin.
Read in the section "Competitions".
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17.05.2005 Women's superfinal
The superfinal of the Russian women's championship started on May, 15th in Samara. E. Korbut lost to A. Kosteniuk in the 1st round. N. Kosintseva and E. Kovalevskaya started well, winning against S. Matveeva and Yu.Yakovich. Games N. Pogonina – A. Galliamova, V. Gunina – T. Kosintseva and E. Zajats – Yu. Kochetkova were drawn.
more [source: www.chess63.com]

17.05.2005 A match between St. Petersburg and Moscow
The players from Russian capital celebrated yesterday their tenth victory in 20 friendly matches, defeating St. Petersburg team 43:37. The Moscow team consolidated its overall lead +10 -7 =3. On a second day the Moscow players stroke back on men's and children's boards, while the host team improved its score on women's boards. And only our veterans repeated their 1st day -1 score. Moscow grandmaster D. Jakovenko and children A. Kashlinskaya and E. Guseinov won their matches 2-0. St. Petersburg IM N. Vitiugov defeated grandmaster V. Potkin twice. Our young players A.-M. Pavlova and A. Lanin also made a 100% score.
more [source: www.e3e5.com]

16.05.2005 The artists are not only grandees (part 1)
IM Maxim Notkin reviews the best games of March. Read the first part in the section "Creativity".
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13.05.2005 Alexander Motylev on books
Grandmaster Alexander Motylev answers the ACP questions about the chess literature.
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12.05.2005 Sergey Shipov on books
Expert of ChessPro website and chess writer grandmaster Sergey Shipov answers the ACP questions about the chess literature.
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11.05.2005 Announcement of our publications
We are happy to inform our readers that we are going to publish new materials in May. Soon you will be able to read the concluding article of V.Barsky about the team championship in Dagomys, read about the new country junior champion, the inhabitant of St.Petersburg M.Matlakov in the section "Pen of a wunderkind". New works of M.Dvoretsky, the second part of S.Klimov's research are about to be published, read new materials in the section “Portrait of a chess player”. The list of April Laureates will be published meantime, and then the columnist Maxim Notkin will sum up the results of experts voting. Of course we are not going to stand aside of the important Bulgarian super tournament. Keep abreast of our publications!
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11.05.2005 In honor of the Great Victory
The World War II veterans rapid tournament dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war took place in the Chigorine Chess Club on the 5th-7th of Maytook place. V.Turikov took the first place, the heroic defender of our fatherland A.Cherepkov won the second place, and the master E.Stoliar was the third. There were 70 players. L.Petrova won the competition in which 12 took part. Our congratulations to all the veterans!
more [source: chigorin.ru]

11.05.2005 M.Notkin April’s Laureates
Our columnist, the international master Maxim Notkin annotates 20 best games of the April.
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