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Vice-champion of Europe Nadezhda Kosintseva answers the questions of our reporter M.Savinov
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12.07.2005 Women's chess - Valentina Gunina's opinion
WFM Valentina Gunina answers the ACP questions.
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12.07.2005 Chess match St Petersburg – New York via Internet
A distance match between the teams of St. Petersburg and New York took place 10.07.2005, in the evening in Russia (and in the morning in America), it resulted in a clear-cut victory of Russian team with a score 6:2. Let’s point out two components – competitive and organizational ones, and tell about them briefly (and accompany our story with pictures from the competition)
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08.07.2005 Chess match St Petersburg – New York via Internet
Sunday, July 10, one of the events of the distance match Russia – USA will take place in the magnificent hotel "Korinthia Nevskij Palace" on the Nevsky Prospect. It is carried out in honor of the 60th anniversary of its famous forerunner of 1945. The combined team of St.Petersburg will play for Russia, ex-FIDE world champion Khalifman, Sakaev, Alekseev and also rapidly making progress master Vitiugov. A representative of a well-known dynasty S.Polgar, our former compatriots Onischuk, Gulko, Stripunsky will play for the UASA in New-York team. They will play in the Internet simultaneously on four boards of "Shahcom", the participants will have 20 minutes per game plus five seconds for each move. It is promissed that two weeks later the match will be broadcasted to many satellite TV channels. Read more details in the US press release in the following link.
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07.07.2005 I. Odesskij "Katya + Nadya + Lena + ..."
The article of international master Ilia Odesskij is dedicated to the results of the European championship 2005.
Read in the section "Competitions" (in Russian)
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05.07.2005 The next women's championship venue is announced

ITAR-TASS reports that the next women’s chess world championship will take place the next year in March in Yekaterinburg. This decision was taken in the course of negotiations between the head of Sverdlovsk region Eduard Rassel and the vice-president of International chess federation Georgios Makropulos.

Rossel and Makropulos met in Nizhny Tagil at the exposition “Defense and protection – 2005”. The FIDE vice-president came to the Ural region to visit the international tournament that was organized by Bogoslovsky aluminium plant in Krasnoturinsk.

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04.07.2005 Meet Nikita Vitiugov
St. Petersburg student Nikita Vitiugov has some excellent results during the academic year: he got the second prize in the Chigorine's Memorial (which also brought him a GM norm), finished third at the city championship, and became Russia's U18 champion. And his sporting achievements of this period are well-matched by creative ones! Enjoy N.Vitiugov's annotations of his four selected games.
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