Will you follow FIDE championship in Argentina?

Yes, I will.

What are the chances of the participants from your point of view?

Anand has good chances, I think.

Is he an absolute favorite?

It depends on many reasons, but judging by the latest results of the participants, he is the favorite.

Do you take in account the chess strength or other factors, which can tell in such an important tournament, such as psychological stability and persistence?

My assessment is based on energy they have at the moment. For example, Topalov was showing good results in the beginning of the year, afterwards something has happened to his energy. This is an example. That’s why I do not consider him to be a probable winner now, despite his gigantic chess potential.

Everybody speaks about the big three in which there is Leko in addition to Anand and Topalov…

Leko also has some chances, but less than Anand, in my opinion.

Do you think that the chess world will acknowledge San Luis winner an undisputed world champion or it will be necessary to think about unification, about match against Kramnik?

I considered Kramnik an obvious and the only world champion a few years ago, as he defeated Kasparov, whose rating was always sky-high. Now the situation has changed. It reminds a situation after Alekhine’s death in 1946. Kramnik seems to be the champion, but it is unknown whom he defeated, because we do not see this person anymore. And I think that Kramnik made a mistake when refused playing in Argentina. It’s a quite another story now. I i’s easy for me with my supple mind to ponder over these things – it’s more difficult to make a right decision for people who are caught up by events. I have a feeling that Kramnik should have taken part. That’s all I can tell. 

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