02.09.2005 Our publication announcement

We congratulate our readers on "The day of knowledge"! The higher league of
the Russian championship will take place in the very beginning of September
(3-11) in Kazan, and you will find chess reviews on our site (of the 1-3,
4-6 and 7-9 rounds), that will be prepared by IM Klimov. A portrait of the
outstanding chessplayer Ivanchuk was painted by master Vitiugov, his
articles were met with a deserved approval on our site. Focus attention will
be given to the world championship in San Luis (September 27 - October 16) -
we hope to attract our readers' attention by original analysis of the
tournament. IM Notkin will prepare a monthly review "the best games of
 month": you will find a shortlist by the end of the first decade,
afterwards experts voting results will appear and, finally, a thorough
annotation of the best games of month will be available for our readers.
You will have a chance to read analytical works by incomparable Dvoretsky,
opening theory articles by grandmaster Ivanov and interviews about the
burning problems of chess development. Master Faibisovich prepares a new
St.Petersburg chess history essay; this time it will be dedicated to
Petrogradskaja Storona. Our website will celebrate its 2-year birthday in
the beginning of December, the age is not that serious, but we managed to do
some things. We'll hope that the better is to come.

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