02.09.2005 Golden Blitz Tournament

The ACP is proud to announce the « Golden Blitz » Tournament, to be held in Moscow on 13th and 14th of September 2005. There will be two very strong knockout blitz tournaments, a men's event with 8 players, and a women's event with 4 participants. The following chess stars will take part: A.Grischuk, E.Bareev, A.Motylev, P.Tregubov (all – Russia), N.Short (UK), R.Ponomariov (Ukraine), V.Tkachiev (France), Y.Pelletier (Switzerland), A.Kosteniuk (Russia), Zhu Chen (China), A Skripchenko (France), I.Krush (USA).

The event will take place at the "Jazz Town Casino" in the centre of Moscow and broadcasted by the Russian TV channel "NTV+Sport". The tournament is sponsored by "IGP" (International Games Promotion) and organized by "V&V Profi", in association with the ACP. Stay tuned for more news on this great event.

ACP Board

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