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30.11.2006 Capablanca Memorial
In the 9th round all games ended in draws. The standings before the final round are: V.Ivanchuk – 6, E.Bareev – 5, K.Miton – 4.5, L.Dominguez and L.Bruzon 4, J.Nogeuiras – 3.5 points.
more [source: www.inder.co.cu]

29.11.2006 A half of the match is left behind, the Machine is one point ahead
The third game of the Kramnik vs Deep Fritz match where Vladimir was White ended in a draw on move 44. The first half of the event ended by the score 2-1 in favour of electronics. The next game is played on December, 1. Tomorrow the winner of the 2006 Russian Cup GM Konstantin Sakaev will comment on the games 1, 2 & 3.
more [source: www.rag.de]

29.11.2006 The winners of the contest “Man of the Year 2006”
The winners of the contest are proclaimed. Among the owners of the honourable title in various nominations, apart from Patriarch Alexey II, the cardiosurgeon L.Bokeria, the General Prosecutor Y.Chaika, the artists I.Kobzon and Y.Solomin, the tennis player M.Sharapova (40 laureates in total), there are two representatives of the world of chess. The FIDE President Kirsan Iljumzhinov was marked in the nomination “For the outstanding contribution to the strengthening of the Russian sports fame”, Vladimir Kramnik was distinguished “For the Will to Win”.
more [source: www.utro.ru]

29.11.2006 Capablanca Memorial
With two rounds to go Ivanchuk is in the sole lead scoring 5.5 out of 8. Bareev has moved to the second place after winning three games in a row in the second lap. He has 4.5 points, Miton is on 4, Dominguez and Bruzon scored 3.5, Nogeuiras has 3 points.
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The daughter of the eight world champion Zhanna Tal answered the questions of the e3e5 editor A.Kentler.
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28.11.2006 Poor chessplayers
Yesterday the “Finances” magazine published the list of 100 richest Russian sportsmen in 2006. The best of chessplayers Vladimir Kramnik takes the last place in this list! The world chess champion has limited himself with $0.6 million. The leader Maria Sharapova has $23 million on the credit side.
more [source: www.finansmag.ru]

28.11.2006 Announcement of our publications.
Within the next few days our site will publish an interview with Mikhail Tal’s daughter Zhanna which was conducted by A.Kentler. On Thursday GM Konstantin Sakaev will comment on the first three games of Kramnik vs Deep Fritz match. IM Maxim Notkin is ready to present the best creative achievements of October. Waiting to be brought out are a new work by GM Evgeny Sveshnikov dedicated to the 2.c3 variation of the Sicilian and the writer Victor Toporov’s impressions of the recently published book “The Second’s Notes” by E.Bareev and I.Levitov. The editor’s file already contains the first chapter of a three-part article by IM Ivan Smykovsky who works on the world champion Vladimir Kramnik’s character for the section “Portrait of a chessplayer”. We have also received a new article from the prominent trainer Mark Dvoretsky.
more [source: www.e3e5.com]

28.11.2006 Russian Senior Championship
The championship is being held in the pension of the Moscow Metro “Forest Town”. In all the tournaments 6 rounds have been played. In men’s High League Y.Shabanov and V.Tseshkovsky are leading with 4 points, A.Zakharov and I.Zaitsev are half a point behind. In the First League A.Kremenietsky, S.Khavsky and V.Karpov score 5 points. In the women’s event E.Fatalibekova has 5.5 points, V.Kozlovskaya, R.Bilunova and N.Beliaeva are on 4.5. The rapid championship is played alongside. In the men’s tournament E.Vasiukov is laeding with 5.5 points, in the women’s tournament E.Fatalibekova and T.Sorokina scored 5 points. The information is sent by the Arbiter’s Board.
more [source: www.e3e5.com]

27.11.2006 Kramnik’s inhuman blunder
The second game of the match ended up with an oversight of mate in 1 on move 35 made by Kramnik who played Black. Actually his position didn’t cause alarm. The score is now 1.5-0.5 in favour of Deep Fritz.
more [source: www.rag.de]

27.11.2006 Photo report from Bonn No. 2
Our correspondent Julia Gromova sends the photo of the match Kramnik Deep Fritz from Bonn.
more [source: www.e3e5.com]

27.11.2006 Photo report from Bonn No. 1
Our correspondent Julia Gromova sends the photo of the match Kramnik Deep Fritz from Bonn.
more [source: www.e3e5.com]

27.11.2006 Russian Students’ Championship
The tournament was held in Saratov with the participation of 34 teams. True 11 of them represented Saratov and 5 teams were of Ekaterinburg while Moscow teams weren’t present and Saint Petersburg didn’t send the best players. The prize winners of the individual tournament are: 1. A.Evdokimov, 2. A.Riazantsev, 3. E.Shaposhnikov, girls – 1. B.Kovanova, 2. N.Pogonina, 3. E.Harashuta. The team of Saratov Economic University (GMs E.Tomashevsky, S.Dyachkov, E.Shaposhnikov, A.Evdokimov) won the title, their second team took the third place. The team of Cheliabinsk finished second. Saint Petersburg teams performed feebly taking 12th and 15th places.
more [source: sfochess.nm.ru]

27.11.2006 Saint Petersburg Junior Championships
The boys’ and girls’ under 10, 12 and 14 championships of the city have finished in the “Grand Canyon” centre. The winners are: Girls 10: 1. Anna STYAZHKINA – 9 points out of 9, 2. Arina Kiseleva – 7.5, 3. Alexandra Orava – 7; Girls 12: 1. Anna TSHADADZE – 7.5, 2. Christina Kolesnikova – 6.5, 3. Asia Yevloeva – 6; Girls 14: 1. Maria BUTUK, 2. Dina Belenkaya – 8,5, 3. Vera Sokolova – 6; Boys 10: Kirill ALEKSEENKO, 2.Evgeny Zanan – 7.5, 3. Alexey Martynenko – 7: Boys 12: 1. Vladimir FEDOSEEV, 2. Artyom Gudzenko, 3. Pavel Letov –7; Boys 14: 1. Erdni URJUBDZHIROV – 8.5, German Bazeev – 6.5, 3. Artyom Smirnov – 6.
more [source: chigorin.ru]

27.11.2006 Capablanca Memorial
In the 6th round Bareev beat Nogueiras, the games Bruzon – Ivanchuk and Miton – Dominguez ended in draws. The standings are: Ivanchuk – 4 points, Miton – 3.5, Dominguez – 3, Bareev Bruzon and Nogueiras – 2.5.
more [source: www.inder.co.cu]

27.11.2006 Mark Dvoretsky. Critical approach to the combination
"Looking for the ulterior defense " is the first part of a new work by Mark Dvoretsky. Added to the section "Creativity"
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26.11.2006 Capablanca Memorial
The main tournament is a 6 GM double round robin. The first lap has finished. The leader V.Ivanchuk after beating Bareev in the 4th round and losing to Miton in the 5th round scored 3.5 points. Miton has half a point less, Dominguez and Nogueiras scored 2.5, Bruzon – 2, Bareev – 1.5 points.
more [source: www.inder.co.cu]

26.11.2006 Saint Petersburg Junior Championships
The boys’ and girls’ under 10, 12 and 14 championships of the city are finishing in the centre of commerce and entertainments “Grand Canyon”. Anna Styazhkina (Krasnoselskij district, Girls U-10), Vladimir Fedoseev (Petrodvortsovyj district, Boys U-12) scoring 8 out 8 secured the victory with one round to go. The same did Erdni Urjubdzhirov the SDUSOR CS representative who scored 7.5 points. The winners in other groups will be determined in the final round.
more [source: chigorin.ru]

26.11.2006 Kramnik vs Deep Fritz. First game drawn.
The first game of the match where Kramnik was White ended in a draw. The second game is played on Monday.
more [source: www.rag.de]

25.11.2006 To laugh or to cry: FIDE colonelcy
The Petrozavodsk TV informed about astonishing successes of the local colonel Yury Fedotov. He managed to become the champion of the Russian Armed Forces… according to FIDE. To achieve this the colonel had to prove that three great grandmasters Karpov, Kralin and Selivanov had hoped in vain to win a drawn position. Well, read yourself a quite serious article on the subject.
more [source: petrozavodsk.rfn.ru]

25.11.2006 Capablanca Memorial
Capablanca Memorial is being held in Cuba for the 41st time. This time the main tournament is a 6 player double round robin. After 3 rounds V.Ivanchuk is leading with 2.5 points. L.Dominguez, K.Miton and J.Nogueiras are one point behind, E.Bareev and L.Bruzon scored 1 point. The event started on Capablanca’s birthday November 19. It finishes on the last day of the month.
more [source: www.inder.co.cu]

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