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31.12.2006 We advise you to read: INTERVIEW WITH PETER SVIDLER
www.sportreport.ru publishes an interview with Peter Svidler which he gave after the Russian Championship Superfinal to the site correspondent E.Surov.
more [source: www.sportreport.ru]

31.12.2006 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
We congratulate our readers and authors, chess professionals and amateurs and also their households and wish them Happy New Year 2007! Let this year bring us many bright and memorable chess events and masterpieces while we will do our best to provide its coverage on our pages. Be healthy and happy!

31.12.2006 Hastings Tournament
Four players started with three wins: S.Williams of England, M.Gagunashvili of Georgia, Z.Gofshtein of Israel and A.Cherniaev of Russia.
more [source: www.hastingschess.org.uk]

31.12.2006 Rilton Cup
There are 133 players including 17 GMs in the traditional Rilton Cup that takes place in Stockholm. After 4 rounds Vasilios Kotronias of Greece and the Russian Mikhail Ulybin are leading with perfect score.
more [source: www.rilton.se]

Today in the “Petrograd side” chess club the final tournaments of the Saint Petersburg blitz championships were held. The prizes for these traditional competitions were set up by the “Evening Petersburg” newspaper. In the men’s 20 player round robin the 2006 Russian Champion Evgeny Alekseev took the first place scoring 14 points out of 19. Nikita Vitiugov scored half a point less. Denis Yevseev was third with 13 points. In the top six are Valery Popov (12.5), Pavel Anisimov (12) and Vassily Yemelin (11.5). There were 11 players in the women’s tournament. The 2006 Russian Champion Ekaterina Korbut became the champion of the city scoring 8 points out of 10. Khristina Mokhova took the second place with 7 points, Nina Sirotkina was third with 6 points. The tournament was dedicated to the memory of Valentin Ivanovich Semenov, the legendary sport journalist who founded this competition together with the grandmaster A.K.Tolush.

30.12.2006 HAPPY NEW ELO!
The January FIDE rating list is published. The Top 10 is: Topalov 2783, Anand 2779, Kramnik 2776, Mamedyarov 2754, Ivanchuk 2750, Leko 2749, Aronian 2744, Morozevich 2741, Adams 2735, Gelfand 2733. 21 players are above 2700. The Russian Top 10 (without Kasparov) is: Kramnik 2776, Morozevich 2741, Svidler 2728, Grischuk 2717, Jakovenko 2691, Rublevsky 2677, Inarkiev 2669, Karpov 2668, Malakhov 2663, Timofeev 2663. The Saint Petersburg Top 10 is: Svidler 2728, Alekseev 2661, Sakaev 2641, Khalifman 2619, Vitiugov 2604, Popov 2590, Epishin 2554, Yemelin 2539, S.Ivanov 2534, Lugovoi 2531. Women’s Top 10 is: J.Polgar 2727, Koneru 2567, Cramling 2530, Zhu Chen 2518, Xu Yuhua 2517, Kosteniuk 2515, Chiburdanidze 2510, Hou Yifan 2509, N.Kosintseva 2496, Stefanova 2483. 8 Russian players enter Top 50: Kosteniuk 2515, N.Kosintseva 2496, T.Kosintseva 2474, Galliamova 2470, Korbut 2452, Kovalevskaya 2435, Tairova 2427, Ovod 2410. 5 Russians are in the list of 20 strongest juniors headed by Radjabov, Carlsen and Karjakin. Vitiugov of Saint Petersburg is No. 10. 5 Russians are in the list of 20 strongest girls headed by Koneru, Hou Yifan and A. Muzychuk. Malysheva of Saint Petersburg is No. 17.
more [source: www.fide.com]

In the final, seventh round Morozevich beat Korneev Shirov beat Illescas the games Bauer – Jakovenko and Wojtaszek – Laznicka were drawn. Final standings: 1. Morozevich (Russia) – 6, 2. Jakovenko (Russia) – 5, 3. Shirov (Spain) – 4.5, 4. Bauer (France) – 4, 5. Wojtaszek (Poland) – 3, 6. Illescas (Spain) – 2.5, 7. Laznicka (Czech Republic) – 2, 8. Korneev (Russia) – 1.
more [source: www.chesspamplona.com]

The famous Hastings chess festival takes place 28th December 2006 – 7th January 2007. The schedule contains the Master, Christmas and New Year tournaments. The Hastings Chess Club was founded in 1882. The first great event, which took place in 1885 (1. Pillsbury, 2. Chigorin, 3. Lasker) actually gathered together all the strongest world’s players. Since 1920 the tournaments in Hastings are held annually except for the Second World War years. Among the winners were the world champions Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Tal, Spassky, Karpov, the prominent players Rubinstein, Maroczy, Fine, Keres, Korchnoi, Larsen… This year the main tournament is a common open with the participation of 99 players. The top seeded is M.Gagunashvili (2611).
more [source: www.hastingschess.org.uk]

29.12.2006 K.Sakaev. Creativity at the Superfinal, Rounds 9-11
GM Konstantin Sakaev has prepared a survey of creative achievements of the games from Rounds 9-11 of the Men's Russian Championship Superfinal.
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The Saint Petersburg representatives 21-year-olds Ekaterina Korbut and Evgeny Alekseev became the winners of Russian Championship Women's and Men's Superfinals. This year penultimate issue of Crossroads is dedicated to this event.
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24.12.2006 Tournament in Pamplona
In the second round all four games were decisive. Morozevich beat Laznicka, Wojtaszek beat Shirov, Bauer beat Korneev and Jakovenko beat Illescas. The quartet of winners is sharing the first place with 1.5 points. Today the third round is played.
more [source: www.chesspamplona.com]

23.12.2006 Tournament in Pamplona
The chess festival in Pamplona, Spain takes place for the 16th time. The main tournament (Category 17, average Elo 2653) is an 8 player round robin. The list of players according to the drawing of lots is as follows: 1. D.Jakovenko (Russia, 2671), 2. M.Illescas (Spain, 2620), 3. O.Korneev (Russia, 2657), 4. R.Wojtaszek (Poland, 2630), 5. A.Morozevich (Russia, 2747), 6. A.Shirov (Spain, 2720), 7.Ch.Bauer (France, 2585),8. V.Laznicka (Czech Republic, 2596). In the first round Shirov defeated Korneev, the games Jakovenko – Laznicka, Illescas – Bauer and Wojtaszek – Morozevich ended in draws.
more [source: www.chesspamplona.com]

22.12.2006 Karpov and Short are invited to step onto ice
On January 11 at Pushkin Square in Moscow and at Trafalgar Square in London the chess boards sized 15x15 will be mounted. The one meter high pieces are engraved by the hands of the Russian ice sculptors. The teams consist of both cities’ celebrities and are headed by Anatoly Karpov and Nigel Short. The chess match is dated to the “Russian Winter” festival in London which will be open on January 13.
more [source: www.hmn.ru]

22.12.2006 Our response to Chamberlain
In response to the Topalov’s concoctions published in his interview with a Spanish source, about the “hand of KGB” and the cable which was allegedly found under the floor in the toilet room in Elista and which provided Kramnik with a secret information, the world champion’s manager Carsten Hensel on behalf of his client made a complaint to the FIDE Ethics Committee demanding to punish the Bulgarian chess player for a falsehood. It is rumoured that in case the Committee proves the groundlessness of these statements Veselin could be disqualified for the period of three years. True it has already become clear that in the paper version of the ABC daily the interview wasn’t published. Now the only fact to clear up is whether the Bulgarian grandmaster really gave this interview to the Spanish journalist Bellon.
more [source: www.izvestia.ru]

Beating L.Bruzon in the final match with the score 2.5-1.5 V.Ivanchuk has become the winner of the tournament in memory of Carlos Torre that took place in Merida, Mexico.
more [source: www.carlostorre.org.mx]

21.12.2006 K.Sakaev. Creativity at the Superfinal, Rounds 6-8
GM Konstantin Sakaev has prepared a survey of creative achievements of the games from Rounds 6-8 of the Men's Russian Championship Superfinal.
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21.12.2006 Mark Dvoretsky. Critical approach to the combination
"Incorrect and arguable combinations " is the third part of Mark Dvoretsky's article. Added to the section "Creativity".
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In the quarterfinals Bruzon beat Graf 3-1, Ivanchuk beat V.Georgiev 1.5-0.5, Ehlvest beat Leon Hoyos 1.5-0.5, De la Paz beat Tiviakov 3-2. Today the semifinals are played: Bruzon – Ehlvest, Ivanchuk – De la Paz
more [source: www.carlostorre.org.mx]

After 6 preliminary rounds V.Ivanchuk, L.Bruzon and S.Tiviakov joined 13 best players and now they will determine the winner by knock out (Wimbledon) system. The pairings of the quarterfinals: Bruzon (Cuba) – A.Graf (Germany), J.Ehlvest (Estonia) – Leon Hoyos (Mexico), Ivanchuk (Ukraine) – V.Georgiev (Bulgaria), Tiviakov (Netherlands) – de la Paz (Cuba).
more [source: www.carlostorre.org.mx]

19.12.2006 We advise you to read: ILJUMZHINOV’S INTERVIEW IN SPORT EXPRESS
We provide a link to the interview with the FIDE President Kirsan Iljumzhinov published in today’s issue of the Sport Express newspaper.
more [source: news.sport-express.ru]

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