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31.08.2006 M.Notkin. The best game of July: Pelletier - Volokitin
International master Maxim Notkin concludes the expert voting for the best game of July.
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In his new article Mark Dvoretsky tells about the criteria of selecting studies for his collection of exercises. Added to the Creativity section.
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Mark Dvoretsky announces an international composition contest 'Studies for practical players', devoted to his 60th anniversary. The total prize fund is USD 1500. There are five prizes ranging from USD 500 to USD 50, and special prizes. The deadline for sending the studies is August 1, 2007. The judges of the competition are Mark Dvoretsky and Oleg Pervakov.
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31.08.2006 Rudenko Memorial
The players have passed more than half a distance. Marina Guseva and Marina Lupik lead with 4.5 points after 5 rounds. Grandmasters Natalia Zdebskaya and Svetlana Petrenko are half a point behind. Rating favorite of the tournament Natalia Pogonina is at +1 with 3 points.
more [source: www.totalchess.spb.ru]

31.08.2006 Leko-Karpov match
A rapid chess match between Peter Leko and Anatoly Karpov started in Miskolc. 8 games will be played between August 30 and September 3. The score is tied after the first day - both games were drawn.
more [source: www.lekokarpov.hu]

30.08.2006 RCF announces the Memorial of Mikhail Tal
Russian Chess Federation announced on its website that it organizes the Memorial of Mikhail Tal in Moscow, from Novermber 5 to November 20. The festival will consist of all-play-all tournament of at least 20th category, and Blitz Cup of Mikhail Tal, a double round robin with 18 participants.
more [source: russiachess.ru]

29.08.2006 Youth defeats experience in Amsterdam
A Scheveningen match between young prodigies and experienced grandmaster starred in 80s and 90s ended in favor of the young, 28-22. This was quite predictable, as the prodigies had had advantage in terms of rating and recent practice. Magnus Carlsen showed the best individual score in the winning team - 6.5, Sergey Karjakin scored 6 points. Alexander Beliavsky became the best player of the second team with 6.5 points. Thus, the Norwegian secured participation in the next year's Amber tournament.
more [source: nhchess.quinsy.net]

28.08.2006 Jakovenko is best blitz player of Moscow
Dmitry Jakovenko took the main prize in a traditional blitz tournament organized by 'Evening Moscow' newspaper. Jakovenko and Mikhail Kobalia both scored 14.5 points in 19 games. The grandmasters played three tie-breaking games, and despite even score Jakovenko came off first because he had Black in the Armageddon game. Last year's winner Alexander Morozevich finished third - 13.5. Najer and Amonatov took the 4th-5th places with 12.5, Malakhov had 12, Bareev - 11.5, etc.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

28.08.2006 Ivan Sokolov is Staunton's heir
Ivan Sokolov dominated in the Staunton Memorial, which took place in two towns in Great Britain. The former Bosnian scored a remarkable 9 out of 11. Jan Timman and Michael Adams finished half a point short. The line-up was quite uneven, but it worth mentioning Jonathan Speelman's result (7th place, 5 points). Participation of 2700+ player (Michael Adams) in a tournament of only 11th category can be regarded as a unique event!
more [source: www.howardstaunton.com]

28.08.2006 Rudenko Memorial
Rudenko Memorial started in St. Petersburg. This women's open is also a stage of the Russian Cup. Local WGMs did not show up for the event. Grandmaster Natalia Pogonina from Saratov leads the seedings, last year winner Natalia Zdebskaya (Ukraine) is the second seed. After two rounds, six players have 2 points: Marina Guseva, Valentina Soloviova, Marina Lupik, Ekaterina Akatova, Christina Cherenkova and Ekaterina Egorova. Zdebskaya has 1.5 points (a draw against Gromova), Pogonina drew both her games so far. We prepared a photographic report about the starting round of the competition.
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Grandmaster Vladislav Tkachiev won the French championship, which took place in Besancon on August 14-26. Tkachiev tied for the first with Fressinet, both scoring 7.5 in 11 rounds of the round-robin, and defeated him in rapid tie break 1.5-0.5. Almira Skripchenko won the women's event.
more [source: www.echecs.asso.fr]

First International Chess Cruise of Odessa starts on August 28 to finish on Odessa city celebration on September 2. In this unique event 12 grandmasters will play a rapid chess tournament on a cruise ship: Vassily Ivanchuk, Nona Gaprindashvili, Natalia Zhukova, Maria Klinova, Adrian Mikhalchishin, Vladimir Tukmakov, Viacheslav Eingorn, Konstantin Lerner, Semen Palatnik, Stanislav Savchenko, Mikhail Golubev, and Yury Drozdovsky. Honored Trainer of USSR Anatoly Bykhovsky referees the competition. Grandmaster and famous chess writer Genna Sosonko from Netherlands heads the appeals committee.
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27.08.2006 ALEXANDER ROSHAL IS 70!
On August 26 Alexander Borisovich ROSHAL celebrated his 70th birthday! Our warmest congratulations to the publisher and chief editor of popular Russian magazine '64-Chess Review', Honored Worker of Culture of Russian Federation, master of sports, RCF media committee chairman, and author of numerous books and articles!
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24.08.2006 Rudenko Memorial
A traditional tournament dedicated to the second world champion among women, 8-time Leningrad champion Lyudmila Vladimirovna Rudenko (1904-1986) starts on August 26 in the Club on Petrogradskaya storona in St. Petersburg. Six grandmasters already registered for the event, including the previous year winner, Ukrainian WGM Natalia Zdebskaya.
more [source: www.totalchess.spb.ru]

24.08.2006 Rising Stars vs. Experience in Amsterdam
The Max Euwe Association, led by van Osteroom, famous chess promoter and correspondence world champion, organized a scheveningen match between experienced veterans and teenage grandmasters. The match takes place August 19th-29th in Amsterdam. After 5 rounds the youngsters lead 13.5-11.5. The individual scores: Carlsen 3.5, Karjakin 3, Wang Hao and Stellwagen 2.5, Smeets 2; Beliavsky 3, Jusupov and Nunn 2.5, Andersson 2, Ljubojevic 1.5. A player showing the best individual score in the junior team gets a ticket to the Amber tournament next year.
more [source: nhchess.quinsy.net]

Historical arch-rivals Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov shared the first place in a blitz tournament dedicated to a 150th-anniversary of the Credit Suisse bank. Ex-world champions drew their individual games, Kasparov defeated Polgar twice, and conceded half a point to Korchnoi. Karpov defeated Korchnoi in both games, but failed to beat Polgar with Black. The Hungarian player took the third place with 2.5 points. Victor Lvovich finished fourth with half a point. The time control was 5 minutes plus 2 seconds per move. This was a first chess appearance of Kasparov after he started a political career, following his win in Linares 2005.
more [source: 150.credit-suisse.com]

22.08.2006 Gashimov wins in Abu Dhabi
The 16th International chess festival ended in Abu Dhabi. Grandmasters Vugar Gashimov (Azerbaijan) and Ashot Anastasian (Armenia) shared the first place with 6.5 out of 9. Tie-break favored Gashimov. Vladimir Potkin and Sergey Grigoriants were best among the Russians, taking a joint 3rd-10th place with 6 points.
more [source: www.abudhabichess.com]

Tomorrow at noon (CET) Garry Kasparov will take part in a one-day blitz tournament dedicated to 150th anniversary of the Credit Suisse bank. Anatoly Karpov, Victor Korhcnoi and Judit Polgar will be his opponents. This is going to be a first appearence of Kasparov since he announced his retirement in Linares 2005.
more [source: chessbase.com]

Grandmaster Vassily YEMELIN examines theoretically important games from the recent Dortmund tournament. Added to the 'Theory and Practice' section.
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The chess festival in Mainz has come to an end. Levon ARONIAN became a new chess-960 champion. Thanks to his two wins on Sunday, Levon won the match against the defending champion, Peter Svidler, 5-3. With the same score Vishy ANAND defeated Teimour Radjabov in rapid chess. Rustam KASIMJANOV won extremely strong Ordix open (rapid chess), having collected 9.5 points out of 11.
more [source: www.chesstigers.de]

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