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31.03.2006 Moscow championships
The struggle suddenly sharpened with a round to go in both men's and women's championships of the Russian capital. Dmitry Jakovenko finished the event with 4/6 (there is an odd number of participants), and is looking forward to a key game of the championship, Grigoriants-Belov, which is played today. Grigoriants has 3 points, Belov has 3.5. A change of the leader occurred in the women's event: Marina Guseva has come ahead with 7/10, Irina Vasilevich and Tatiana Grabuzova are half a point behind.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

Yesterday's presidential elections of the St. Petersburg chess federation brought the victory to a member of the Federation Council, prosperous businessman Alexander Sabadash. Grandmasters Alexey Lugovoi and Valery Popov, and associate professor of the St. Petersburg university of Economy and Finance, Vladimir Bykov, were elected as vice-presidents. Also Sergey Sudakov and Yakov Rossomakho were elected to the Board of the federation. Other candidates failed to collect two thirds of all votes. Soon we will return to discussing the election, and meanwhile take a look at some pictures from the gathering made by our correspondent Misha Savinov.
more [source: e3e5.com]

The Amber tournament in Monaco came to an end. Russian Alexander Morozevich, who showed a phenomenal result in blindfold chess (9.5/11), shared the first place with Vishy Anand (India), who triumphed in rapid chess (8/11). Both players scored combined 14.5/22. The third place of Spaniard Paco Vallejo (12/22) is a tournament sensation. Other players: 4.Grischuk 11.5, 5-6 Leko and Topalov - both 11, 7-8 Aronian and Gelfand - both 10.5, 9. van Wely 10, 10 Svidler 9.5, 11 Ivanchuk 9, 12 Nielsen 8. In the blindfold section Morozevich surpassed his chasers by three points (!) - Anand and Vallejo collected 6.5/11. They are followed by 4-5 Grischuk and Leko - both 6, 6-7 Gelfand and Svidler - both 5.5, 8-9 van Wely and Topalov - both 4.5, 10-11 Aronian and Nielsen - both 4, 12 Ivanchuk 3.5. In the rapid section Aronian and Topalov shared the 2nd-3rd spots with 6.5, then come 4-7 Vallejo, van Wely, Grischuk and Ivanchuk - all 5.5, 8-10 Gelfand, Leko and Morozevich - all 5, 11-12 Nielsen and Svidler - both 4.
more [source: amber.quinsy.net]

30.03.2006 Moscow championships
Jakovenko is still on top with 4/5. The closest chasers, Belov and Grigoriants (both having 2.5/4), have purely theoretical chances of catching up with the leader. Vasilevich (6.5) is half a point ahead of Grabuzova and Guseva in the women's championship with two more rounds to play.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

Larisa Volpert celebrates a jubilee. An excellent philologist, Professor of the University of Tartu, Doctor of Phililogy, she is also an outstanding chess player, international grandmaster, world championship candidate of 1955 and 1959, three-time USSR champion (1954, 1958, 1959), Leningrad champion 1962. A person of widest interests, refined style and charm, Larisa Volpert perfectly represents true St. Petersburg cultural tradition abroad. We congratulate her and wish good health and longevity. "Chess Petersburg" magazine and then our website published Volpert's article "Magical world of chess" (in Russian) - see the link below.
more [source: www.e3e5.com]

30.03.2006 MELODY AMBER
The last round games of the Amber tournament are played today. So far Anand is in the lead with 13.5/20, followed by Morozevich (13), and Vallejo (11,5). Morozevich already won the blindfold section (8.5/10), leaving behind Vallejo (6.5) and Anand (6). Anand won the rapid section (7.5/10), next are Topalov (6) and Aronian (5.5). The 10th round results: Grischuk-Leko 1.5-0.5, Morozevich-Ivanchuk 1-1, Vallejo-van Wely 1-1, Svidler-Nielseb 1.5-0.5, Anand-Aronian 1.5-0.5 and Gelfand-Topalov 0.5-1.5.
more [source: amber.quinsy.net]

St. Petersburg chess federation will elect a new president on Thursday. However, what is really important is whether the chess players will be able to save the Chigorin Club.
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29.03.2006 Alexander Motylev annotates the game Vallejo - Dominguez
Grandmaster Alexander Motylev annotates one of the best games of February. Added to the “Creativity” section.
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29.03.2006 Moscow championships
Dmitry Jakovenko runs smoothly with 3/3 in Men's championships. Vladimir Belov has 1.5 after two games, and Sergey Grigoriants scored 1.5 in three games. Irina Vasilevcih (5.5 out of 7) is a full point ahead of Grabuzova and Guseva. The next round was played yesterday, but the tournament official website is idle.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

29.03.2006 MELODY AMBER
The 9th round results: Topalov-Svidler 1-1, Nielsen-Anand 0.5-1.5, Aronian-Gelfand 1-1, van Wely-Grischuk 1-1, Leko-Morozevich 1-1, Ivanchuk-Vallejo 1-1. Anand and Morozevich lead the combined section - 12/18, Vallejo has 10.5/18. Morozevich is outstanding in blindfold chess, he has 7.5/9 and surpasses Vallejo by two points. Anand has the same advantage in rapid chess. The Indian collected 7 points in 9 games, Aronian, Vallejo and Topalov all have 5 points. The tenth round is played today.
more [source: amber.quinsy.net]

28.03.2006 Moscow championships
Seven grandmasters compete in men's final tournament. So far Dmitry Jakovenko is ahead with 2 out of 2, followed by Vladimir Belov - 1.5. Irina Vasilevich leads the women's final with 4.5/6, followed by Marina Guseva, 4, and Tatiana Grabuzova - 3.5. Both championships end on March, 31st.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

Having defeated his namesake Dreev in the final round, Alexey Shirov celebrated a success in Poikovsky, finishing clear first with 6/9. Four players were left a full point behind: Bareev, Dreev, Zvjaginsev and Ponomariov. Najer and Sokolov got 4.5/9, sharing the 6th-7th places. Russian champion Rublevsky got the 8th place with 4 points, American champion Onischuk finished 9th with 3.5 points, and Bologan took the last place with 2.5 points.
more [source: admoil.ru]

27.03.2006 MELODY AMBER
The 8th round results: Anand-van Wely 1.5-0.5, Gelfand-Leko 1.5-0.5, Svidler-Ivanchuk 1.5-0.5, Morozevich-Topalov 1.5-0.5, Vallejo-Nielsen 1.5-0.5, Grischuk-Vallejo 1-1. The leaders in the combined section: Morozevich - 11, Anand 10.5, Vallejo - 9.5 out of 16, in the blindfold section: Morozevich - 6.5/8, in the rapid section: Anand - 6/8. No games today.
more [source: amber.quinsy.net]

27.03.2006 POIKOVSKY
A familiar picture could be observed in the 8th round of the Poikovsky tournament: games Ponomariov-Zvjaginsev, Dreev-Rublevsky, Sokolov-Shirov and Onischuk-Najer were drawn, and the only decisive game was played by Bologan, who lost to Bareev. The standing before the concluding round: Dreev and Shirov - both 5, Bareev, Zvjaginsev and Ponomariov - all 4.5, Najer and Sokolov - both 4, Rublevsky - 3.5, Onischuk - 3, and Bologan - 2.
more [source: admoil.ru]

27.03.2006 Maxim Notkin. Two February laureates
International Master Maxim Notkin concludes the expert voting in February. The annotated games will be published soon.
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Chinese chess player Xu Yuhua defeated Russian Alisa Galliamova in the final match with impressive 2.5-0.5 score, won the title of the women world champion. On October, 29th she celebrates her 30th birthday. In 2000 and 2002 Xu Yuhua had won the World Cup. She is a three-time Olympiad champion (2000, 2002, 2004) with China national team. Xu Yuhua is the 11th world champion. Previous title holders: Vera Menchik (1927-1944), Lyudmila Rudenko (1950-1953), Elizaveta Bykova (1953-1956, 1958-1962), Olga Rubtsova (1956-1958), Nona Gaprindashvili (1962-1978), Maia Chiburdanidze (1978-1991), Xie Jun (1991-1995, 1998-2001), Susan Polgar (1995-1998), Zhu Chen (2001-2004), and Antoaneta Stefanova (2004-2006).
more [source: www.womenchess.com]

The information about the death of Ratmir Dmitrievich Kholmov came with a great delay.
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24.03.2006 Today Smyslov turns 85!
The seventh world champion Vassily Vassilievich Smyslov celebrates his eighty fifth birthday today. Our congratulations and wishes of good health and longevity! The photo that we publish today is symbolic: Smyslov's wife - Nadezhda Andreevna, who shares all the joys and burdens of life with Vassily Vassilyevich for half a century, stands between her husband and Garry Kasparov.
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24.03.2006 Amber tournament in Monaco
The results of the fifth round: Ivanchuk-Aronian 1.5-0.5, Topalov-Leko 0.5-1.5, Nielsen-van Wely 1-1, Gelfand-Vallejo 0.5-1.5, Grischuk-Anand 1.5-0.5, Morozevich-Svidler 1-1. After five rounds the leaders in combination are Morozevich and Leko - 6 out of 10, followed by Anand and Vallejo - 5.5. Morozevich (4 out of 5), Leko (3.5) and Topalov (3) have best results in the blindfold section. Anand plays better than the others in rapid (3.5 out of 5). Vallejo, van Wely and Nielsen scored 3 points.
more [source: amber.quinsy.net]

24.03.2006 Women's world championship
Galliamova took a bad start in the final match for the title of the world champion: she lost the first of four games. The second game is today, and now Xu Yuhua has the right of the first move.
more [source: www.womenchess.com]

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