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27.02.2006 Good-bye Morelia, hello Linares!
The first half of the traditional supertournament ended with the 7th round games: Aronian won against Bacrot, and Vallejo-Ivanchuk, Svidler-Radjabov, and Leko-Topalov ended in draws. The current standings after the first half: Leko 5, Aronian 4,5, Svidler 4, Ivanchuk and Radjabov - both 3,5, Vallejo 3, Topalov 2,5 and Bacrot 2. The second half begins in Linares, Spain on the 3rd of March.
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Konstantin Sakaev annotates the 7th round game Leko-Topalov, and summarizes other games of the round.
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Konstantin Sakaev annotates the 6th round game Ivanchuk-Svidler, and summarizes other games of the round.
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26.02.2006 Cappelle la Grande
A large open (627 participants) in France came to an end. Ukrainian A.Moiseenko won with 7,5 out of 9. 9 players finished with 7/9, Vugar Gashimov (Azerbaijan) and Alexander Goloshchapov (Ukraine) took the 2nd and the 3rd spots respectively on tiebreak. Unfortunately, Denis Yevseev lost in the final round. He as well as Sergey Ionov joined a group with 6,5/9, tieing for 10th-35th. Emelin, Epishin and Ovod have 6 points (36th-83rd), Ivanov and Popov - 5,5 points (84th-171st).
more [source: www.cappelle-chess.com]

26.02.2006 The battle goes on, Leko is ahead
In a penultimate round of the first half of Morelia-Linares Vallejo won against Topalov, Radjabov defeated Bacrot, Ivanchuk defeated Svidler and Aronian drew with Leko. Current standings: Leko 4,5, Aronian and Svidler - both 3,5, Ivanchuk and Radjabov - both 3, Vallejo 2,5, Bacrot and Topalov - both 2. The last Mexican round takes place tonight: Vallejo-Ivanchuk, Svidler-Radjabov, Bacrot-Aronian and Leko-Topalov.
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26.02.2006 Female players are paired
FIDE selected 32 pairs of the starting round of the women's world knock-out championship in Yekaterinburg. Two Petersburg grandmasters take part in the event: Ekaterina Korbut meets Anna Ushenina, and Evgeniya Ovod plays against Nana Dzagnizde.
more [source: www.fide.com]

24.02.2006 Cappelle la Grande
There are five leaders after seven rounds: Sergey Azarov, Sergey Grigoriants, Alexander Goloshchapov, Yury Drozdovsky and Alexander Moiseenko, all with 6 points. St. Petersburg players: Yevseev has 5,5, Ionov and Ovod - both 5, Emelin and Epishin - both 4,5, Ivanov - 4, Popov - 3,5.
more [source: www.cappelle-chess.com]

Konstantin Sakaev annotates the 5th round game Aronian-Svidler, and summarizes other games of the round.
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24.02.2006 A day off after the 5th round
In the fifth round of the Morelia-Linares competition Aronian defeated Svidler, Topalov beaten Ivanchuk, and the games Radjabov-Vallejo and Bacrot-Leko ended in draws. The current standings: Leko 4, Svidler 3,5, Aronian 3, Bacrot, Ivanchuk, Radjabov and Topalov - all 2, Vallejo 1,5. In the 6th round, which takes place after a day off, Topalov meets Vallejo, Ivanchuk, Svidler-Ivanchuk, Radjabov-Bacrot and Aronian- Leko. The results will be available in the morning of February, 26th.
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Konstantin Sakaev annotates the 4th round game Topalov-Radjabov, and summarizes other games of the round.
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23.02.2006 Cappelle la Grande
Ukrainian grandmaster Moiseenko is a sole leader after 6 rounds. He has 5,5 points. 11 players are trailing by half a point. St. Petersburg players' result are the following: Denis Yevseev and Sergey Ionov both have 4,5, Vasily Emelin, Vladimir Epishin, Sergey Ivanov and Evgenija Ovod - all 4, Valery Popov - 2,5.
more [source: www.cappelle-chess.com]

23.02.2006 Svidler shares the first, Topalov shares the last!
In the 4th round of the Morelia-Linares supertournament Svidler defeaed Bacrot, Leko won against Ivanchuk and Radjabov won against Topalov as Black. Vallejo and Aronian made a draw. All the participants are now divided into pairs: Leko and Svidler - 3,5 points, Aronian and Ivanchuk - 2, Bacrot and Radjabov - 1,5, and Vallejo and Topalov - 1. In the 5th round meet Radjabov-Vallejo, Aronian-Svidler, Bacrot-Leko and Ivanchuk-Topalov.
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22.02.2006 “Chess Booms on Web, but Who’s the King?”
An article by brad Spurgeon was published yesterday in the "International Herald Tribune", we offer you a link to the translation of this article made by the “InoPressa” agency.
more [source: www.iht.com]

21.02.2006 Konstantin Sakaev is annotating a 123-move game!
Grandmaster Sakaev is annotating the most interesting game of the 3rd round, a 123-move battle Aronian-Topalov. We shall post his notes within a few hours on the Linares special page (annotated games are underscored).
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21.02.2006 Draws before a day off
All four games of the 3rd round ended peacefully in Morelia: Svilder-Leko (the leaders now have 2,5 points), Aronian-Topalov, Bacrot-Vallejo and Radjabov-Ivanchuk. In the 4th round meet Vallejo-Aronian, Svidler-Bacrot, Topalov-Radjabov and Leko-Ivanchuk. The results will be available on February, 23rd in the morning.
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Konstantin Sakaev annotates the second round game Leko-Radjabov, and summarizes other games of the round.
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20.02.2006 Cappelle la Grande
This traditional open that runs already for 22 years gathered 620 players, including 102 grandmasters. Knowing organizers' habit of increasing this number in order to break the record, we shall not put an end to the tournament's mathematics. There are many St. Petersburg players participating. After two rounds Denis Yevseev has 2 points, Vladimir Epishin, Sergey Ivanov and Valery Popov all have 1,5, Vasily Emelin and Sergey Ionov - 1 out of 2.
more [source: www.cappelle-chess.com]

20.02.2006 Second success of Peter and Peter
In the second round of the Morelia-Linares two Peters celebrated their second victories: Svidler defeated Vallejo with Black, and Leko, playing White, won against Radjabov. Ivanchuk beaten Aronian, Topalov drew with Bacrot. The third round games: Bacrot-Vallejo, Svidler-Leko, Aronian-Topalov and Radjabov-Ivanchuk.
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In the first round of the supertournament in Morelia-Linares Petersburg grandmaster Svidler defeated the FIDE champion Topalov. Aronian won against Radjabov, and Vallejo was beaten by Leko. Bacrot-Ivanchuk was drawn. In the second round the following games are played: Vallejo-Svidler, Topalov-Bacrot, Ivancuhk-Aronian and Leko-Radjabov.
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19.02.2006 Linares starts in Mexico
The first half of the 23rd Linares tournament begins on another continent - in Morelia, Mexico. The games start at 0-30 msk, on February, 18th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, and 26th. The second part that takes place in Linares will be played on March, 2rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th. The lineup after the drawing of lots looks as follows: 1.Vallejo, 2.Svidler, 3.Bacrot, 4.Aronian, 5.Radjabov, 6.Ivanchuk, 7.Topalov, 8.Leko. In the first rounds we'll observe the following games: SVIDLER-TOPALOV, BACROT-IVANCHUK, ARONIAN-RADJABOV and VALLEJO-LEKO. During the Mexican part of the event, our expert grandmaster Konstantin Sakaeb will comment the most interesting game of the round and give a brief summary of other games. After the tournaments moves to Spain, Konstantin will start commenting games online.
more [source: www.moreliachess.com]

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