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30.09.2004 M.Dvoretsky "Positional sacrifice of the Queen"
Today we begin publishing of the large-scale analytic work by Mark Dvoretsky in English. The second part will be published next week.The work is added to the section "Creativity".

28.09.2004 Letter of 27th of September from ACP Board.
We are publishing a letter sent to national federations and chess press.
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27.09.2004 A.Kentler. The "passion" according to the champion
The material by the editor of the website is timed to the opening of the World Classical Chess Championship between Russian V.Kramnik and Hungarian P.Leko in Swiss town Brissago.
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27.09.2004 S.Klimov “Disturbance of material balance” - 2
The second part of the work of international master S.Klimov is devoted to the analysis of the positions with diverse material, in which a Rook struggles against a light piece. The article is added to the section “Creativity” (in Russian).
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22.09.2004 V.Korchnoi in Moscow
Last week our famous townsman Victor Korchnoi visited Moscow. About his stay in the capital tells our reporter International Master V.Barsky.
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22.09.2004 M.Dvoretsky "Positional sacrifice of the Queen"
Large-scale analytic work by Mark Dvoretsky is being published at our site in the section "Creativity". Read the article in English in the next few days.

17.09.2004 Letter from USCF to ACP.
Dear Chess Friend, Throughout the world of chess, FIDE has never been held in lower esteem. Decisions are made in dictatorial fashion by a part-time president based upon recommendations from a small group of self-serving politicians.
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14.09.2004 V.Shushpanov. Three draws of M.Tal
The article of the famous St.Petersburg chess coach International Master Vladimir Shushpanov deals with the analysis of three games of the eighth world champion Mikhail Tal that were ended in a draw. The preface of the article treats of the hard coach's lot, and of those uneasy feelings that fall to the lot of everybody who puts his effort into the training of young chess talents. The article is added to the section "Creativity" in Russian.

13.09.2004 Rapid Champions
GM Olga Stjazhkina has won St.Petersburg rapid chess Championship having beaten Khristina Mokhova, Master Nikita Vitiugov became the champion among men having beaten GM Denis Yevseev.

10.09.2004 "Experience, the son of difficult mistakes"
The second part of the article of the International Master Ilya Odessky is added to the section "Creativity".
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08.09.2004 S.Klimov “Disturbance of material balance”
The work of international master S.Klimov is devoted to the analysis of the positions with disturbed material balance. In the first part the positions with the sacrifice of a pawn and a piece for pawns are described. The article can be found in the section “Creativity” (in Russian).
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08.09.2004 B.Spassky-the editor-in-chief of the "Chess week"
A new editor-in-chief of the “Chess week” was introduced to public yesterday in the Central House of the Chess Player which is located on Gogolevsky avenue. He is a graduate of the faculty of journalism of the Leningrad State University, B.V.Spassky. The tenth world champion, who has been living for many years in France, in his young days published chess articles in Leningrad newspapers. These days he has decided to return to work ex professo. It is very interesting, how Boris Vasil'evich's monarchic views will reflect on the pages of the edition which he has headed.

06.09.2004 Genrikh Chepukaitis is gone.
Genrikh Chepukaitis is gone. Tonight in Palanga a heart of master of sports Genrikh Mikhailovich Chepukaitis failed, he hadn’t live a week to see his 69th birthday. The legendary master of blitz, who was famous not only for his non-standard style of playing chess, but also for his original literary works. He was always in the spotlight. He could be the one to gather around himself all the visitors of gardens, parks, and chess clubs of the city. He could handicap and play with interest anything, with anyone and anywhere; or fascinate with a flow of his rhymes. The champion of Russia among veterans, many times a champion of Leningrad and Moscow in blitz, a participant of 13 city championships for 44 years (from 1960 till 2004), Genrikh Mikhailovich was a chess player who was respected by well-known grand masters and of whom they were sometimes afraid. It is difficult to imagine the chess world without Chepukaitis. We’ll cherish the memory of him.
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