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31.08.2004 E.Sveshnikov “Variant 3.e5 of the French Defense”
A chapter from the book of the famous grand master and analyst that will soon be published is added to the section “Creativity” of the Russian site.
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27.08.2004 Articles by Mark Dvoretsky.
New research works of M.Dvoretsky. «The principle of the worst piece», describes methods of activation of the worst located piece in positions of strategic maneuvering; and «Barcza on a horse», examining fragments of creativity of Hungarian grand master G.Bartse, are added to the section "Creativity" in Russian.
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26.08.2004 Died Konstantin Aseev.
When the old pass away it is said that they were in the prime of life, and that they could have done much but for the misfortune happened.
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20.08.2004 I.Odessky “Up elevator won’t bring you down.”
The article of the international master Ilya Odessky on the results of important international woman’s tournaments in Krasnoturinsk and Biel is added to the section “Competitions” of the Russian site.
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18.08.2004 Our chess players were defeated by Chinese!
The match between the teams of Russia and China, which took place in Moscow, resulted the day before yesterday in the defeat of the host team with the score 34,5 : 37,5.
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16.08.2004 57 championship of Russia. Episods of the struggle
GM Denis Evseev has prepared a review of the tournament of the Major League in Tomsk. Read the review in Russian in the section “Competitions”.
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10.08.2004 V.Faibisovich. Hundred years passed.
The article of the International Master V.Faibisovich, which is devoted to 100s anniversary of Saint-Petersburg chess assembly that wasn’t unfortunately celebrated on the 17th of January 2004, is published in Russian in the section “History”.
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10.08.2004 Creation of global closed playing network
is the object of the project, about which V.Bazhenov tells us in the article “Closed world”.
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06.08.2004 Press statement of the ACP President Joel Lautier.
On the 31st of August in Dortmund the ACP President French Grand Master J.Lautier made a press statement about the organization of the ACP Tour. The statement is published in the section “ACP” in English and in translation into Russian.
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06.08.2004 Review of the tournament in Dortmund.
The games of the semi-finals and the final of the Supertournament in Dortmund are analyzed by the Grand Master S.Ivanov in the section “Competitions” in Russian.
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Dear Chess Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, the aim of today's press conference is to announce and present before you a new concept for tournament chess - the ACP Tour. If successfully implemented, the ACP is convinced this new enterprise will change the face of professional chess for years to come.

03.08.2004 Review of the Tournament in Biel.
The review of the main tournament in Biel by the International Master S.Klimov is published in the section “Competitions” (in Russian).
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03.08.2004 Supertournament in Dortmund.
The Supertournament in Dortmund ended in the victory of V.Anand over V.Kramnik. In the match for the 3rd place a citizen of St.Petersburg P.Svidler defeated P.Leko. Both matches were over in tie-breaks. The review of the final part by the Grand Master S.Ivanov will be published on the 6th of August.(in Russian)
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