26.08.2004 Died Konstantin Aseev.

When the old pass away it is said that they were in the prime of life, and that they could have done much but for the misfortune happened.
What is to be said about Kostja, who didn’t live up to forty four years? It is unfair and bitter, when fatal illness sneaks up to the strong person who has got used to struggle and leaves not the ghost of chance for recovery.
The chess association has lost one of best chess-players - the elite grand master, the outstanding researcher of chess, the remarkable trainer.
The participant of four competitions of the major leagues of the championships of the USSR (the card of a real professional!), of the majority of Russian championships of the last decade, Konstantin Aseev was in a half step from a victory four years ago. He participated in the world championships and the championships of Europe, in many international tournaments. Of special note is his success in A.Alehin memorial tournament in 1992г. (2 place) and in the tournament devoted to the70th championship of Leningrad (4 place). K.Aseev 11 times played in the championships of the city and three times (1986, 1997 and 2000) became a bronze prize-winner of these competitions.
Konstantin Aseev's name is frequently to be found in opening reference-books  and encyclopedias - many ideas in Rauzer system of the Sicilian defense, in the new-Indian defense, in other openings come from his games.
He was a scrupulous trainer who brought to success M.Chiburdanidze, A.Harlova, many Petersburg players. K.Aseev took a great deal of trouble over the success of « the Petersburg Kings » in team championships of Russia of 2000 and 2001.
But, perhaps, the most important thing is that K.Aseev during all his short life personified such unfashionable now qualities as fidelity, honour and dignity. He was a real knight of chess, of his family. He had never changed his principles and convictions, which he was always upholding; as a result he’d never got any indulgences from the destiny and had not make a fortune.
For atheists Kostja’s death is another proof that God does not exist. If he existed, would he allow the untimely death of absolutely pure and honest person?!
Those who believe in god are given a consolation – Kostja undoubtedly will go to Heaven. But how to find a chess set in the pastures of Heaven …


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