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28.07.2004 E. Bishard about L. Rudenko
Going along the street of Lensoviet from the metro station Zviozdnaya, one will notice at a secluded corner, which is covered with trees a memorial tablet on the house number 62, with the inscription: “Ludmila Vladimirovna Rudenko".
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27.07.2004 S.Morozov. TEN AND A HALF WEEKS.
Precisely 73 days or ten and a half weeks have been living an outstanding chess player and public figure/man, twice champion of his native city Alexander Fiodorovich Ilin-Zhenevskiy from the beginning day of the Great Patriotic War till his death. His wife Taisia Aleksandrovna, born Viazovskaya outlasted him for four days.

27.07.2004 Today is the 100s anniversary of L.V.Rudenko.
Today is the 100s anniversary of Ludmilla Rudenko(27.07.1904, Lubny - 26.02.1986, Leningrad), the second in the chess history world woman’s champion.
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27.07.2004 e3e5.com’s Interview with Joel Lautier, President
e3e5.com’s Interview with Joel Lautier, President
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