08.09.2004 S.Klimov “Disturbance of material balance”


The first part of the article is devoted to the sacrifice of a pawn and a piece for pawns for an initiative in opening - early in middlegame. The real sacrifices of the intuitive character (that cannot be calculated completely) and which are risky for the sacrificer are described.


The way of playing in such positions is two-dimensional:

1.                Objectively chess

2.                Playable and psychological


1. The objective peculiarities of the game in case of disturbed material correlation of forces are pointed out in the article:

 - even similar pieces get various dynamic forces

 - more pieces than usually are involved in the game for certain time (lines for Rooks and long-range pieces generally are getting open, King is going out of the refuge)

 - chess time is becomes more important Ц an estimation of a position changes rapidly because of its dynamism (strong pieces could be for example exchanged, after that the compensation disappears)

 - besides the activity the sacrificer gets the object of its application Ц the weakness of opponentТs position (bad King, pieces in off-side, weak fields and lines etc.).


2. There is a number of psychological difficulties that rise before opponents during the game with disturbed material correlation of forces:

 - itТs a constant stress for the defender and necessity to beat back a threat

 - a choice of the exact moment to begin the forced actions and necessity to maintain the exertion, to find УpressingФ moves.

 - a situation of a choice between two evils and impossibility to estimate exactly the consequences of the choice.


There are several recommendations concerning methods of improvement in this kind of game in the article:

 - training of calculation skills in uncertain situations

 - analysis of typical positions especially those ones, which are typical of your own games

 - broadening your horizons while choosing moves-contenders. Examination of the games of non-standard, original chess players to find not standard and not generally accepted ideas.

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