17.09.2004 Letter from USCF to ACP.

ACP Board [Wed Sep 15th, 03:44]

September 7, 2004

Dear Chess Friend:

     Throughout the world of chess, FIDE has never been held in lower esteem. Decisions are made in dictatorial fashion by a part-time president based upon recommendations from a small group of self-serving politicians. As an example, take the most recent FIDE World Championship which was held in a country in defiance of the spirit of Gens Una Sumus and whose entry passport restrictions are in contravention of FIDE's bylaws. Despite objections from past champions, the traditional world championship cycle rules regarding time control and format have been sacked. The result: an ever-widening world Championship schism causing the prestige of the world championship to be diminished and confusing both potential sponsors and chess fans.

     The new home of FIDE is Athens; it is the home of the FIDE Deputy President. It became FIDE's home without giving other federations a chance to bid competitively. It is no wonder that FIDE flirts with bankruptcy on a daily basis. Although the move to Athens has taken place, the lease on our Lausanne office remains in effect and FIDE now pays the costs of both the Lausanne and Athens facilities. Choice events are routinely awarded to FIDE's inner circle without competitive bidding.

     Financial abuses abound! For example, FIDE is paying for an assistant to President Ilyumzhinov in Moscow. What is this man doing for FIDE?

     FIDE has purchased gifts for President Ilyumzhinov's head of state friends and FIDE has not been refunded for those gifts. The flow of money is going the wrong way folks!

     FIDE fired its Executive Director for financial mismanagement and illegally replaced him by a group of three insiders. They have not begun a search to find an Executive Director as required by FIDE's bylaws.
A highly critical report of FIDE management by FIDE's delegate elected Verification Commission is being suppressed by Presidential edict.

     What's happened to the FIDE Forum? To the FIDE Handbook? To the President's letter? To the World Team Championship? To FIDE's assistance to chess developing countries? Never before have the member nations of FIDE been more ignored and so poorly served.

     The answer to criticisms, such as above, always comes down to the "Look at all the money our President is contributing to FIDE." Hogwash! Where is it? Its been over two years since FIDE has received a nickel from the President. Another answer to attempts to terminate our President's dictatorial reign is that he will pay his debts to FIDE and that FIDE can't survive without this money. Another Hogwash! Spain is paying for this year's Olympiad, and Italy is paying for the next Olympiad. The fact is national federations are actively competing to organize and finance youth and other championships. FIDE didn't need President Ilyumzhinov's money in the past and they don't need it now.

     Friends, we do not intend to stand idly by and watch FIDE disintegrate. Our Executive Board has unanimously placed a no-confidence motion in FIDE's leadership that will be on the agenda in Calvia. We seek your help in obtaining its passage. To this end we invite your federation president and delegate to attend a meeting in Calvia on Thursday evening, October 28 (precise details as to time and location will be made available in Calvia). At this meeting, we will present a plan to reform FIDE from within.

          Gens Una Sumus,                               Gens Una Sumus,
          Don Schultz                                        Beatriz Marinello
          International Affairs Liaison                President
          United States Chess Federation          United States Chess Federation

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