10.09.2004 "Experience, the son of difficult mistakes"

The genre of the article was defined by a Moscow citizen, an International Master Ilya Odessky himself: “Not very serious lecture in two parts”. The author by the example of his own chess works imparts his accumulated experience of playing positions, turning the readers back to the pre-computer times.

The work consists of two parts. The first one was published in the end of May, the second one has been published recently. There you will read “a story of how I succeeded in finding the best opening decision in my life, of how hard I was boasting about it. And of how I completely forgot about this decision when I could have used it” – I.Odessky writes.

His game, in which he came across the famous variant of the French defense is preceded by the analysis of competitions of such coryphaeuses of this opening system as R.Vaganian and L.Portisch.

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