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30.09.2007 16th Isle of Man International
Leading standings before the last round: Yu.Yakovich RUS, V.Golod ISR, Z.Efimenko UKR and M.Dartel POL 6/8; 9 GMs scored 5.5 points.
more [source: bcmchess.co.uk]

Round 14: Anand is the World Champion! Results: Kramnik – Aronian 1-0, Svidler – Grischuk 1-0, Anand – Leko 1/2, Morozevich – Gelfand 1/2. Final standings: 1. Anand 9/14; 2-3. Kramnik and Gelfand 8; 4. Leko 7; 5. Svidler 6.5; 6-7. Aronian and Morozevich 6; 8. Grischuk 5.5.
more [source: www.chessmexico.com]

29.09.2007 16th Isle of Man International
GM Yuri Yakovich RUS leads alone on 5.5/7. Eleven followers scored 5 points.
more [source: bcmchess.co.uk]

29.09.2007 World Senior Chess Championships
WFM Swietlana Miednikova of St. Petersburg became the bronze medallist of the World Championship (7.5/11). Our congratulations to the debutant of the competition! WGM Hanna Erenska-Barlo POL took gold medal on 8/11, WGM Ludmila Saunina is the silver medallist (7.5). Other leading standings: 4. WGM E.Fatalibekova RUS, 5. WIM T.Voronova LAT, 6. T.Vilerte LAT 7.5. N.Chernova of St. Petersburg scored 6 points, N.Chireykina 5.5. Men's final standings: 1. IM Algimantas Butnorius LTU 9.5/11, 2. GM Evgeny Vasiukov RUS, 3. GM Vlastimil Jansa CZE, 4. GM Yuri Shabanov RUS 8.5. IM V.Karasev of St. Petersburg scored 8 points, R.Altshul 7.5, I.Grinberg 6.5.
more [source: www.chess-results.com]

Round 13: Anand is near the throne. Results: Aronian – Svidler 1/2, Gelfand – Kramnik 1/2, Grischuk – Anand 1/2, Leko – Morozevich 1-0. Standings before the last round: Anand 8.5/13; Gelfand 7.5; Kramnik 7; Leko 6.5; Aronian 6; Grischuk, Morozevich and Svidler 5.5. Round 14 pairings: Kramnik – Aronian, Morozevich – Gelfand, Anand – Leko, Svidler – Grischuk.
more [source: www.chessmexico.com]

28.09.2007 August Best: Alekseev – Wang Yue
Our columnist IM Maxim Notkin presents the results of experts' voting for the best game played voting.
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28.09.2007 Chess and Politics
Azerbaijan chessplayers will not take part in the World Youth Chess Championship to start in Yerevan on October 2nd though Armenia guaranteed safety for them. (In Russian).
more [source: www.regnum.ru]

28.09.2007 16th Isle of Man International
Leading standings after round 6: Yu.Yakovich 5/6; M.Bartel, Yu.Drozdovskij, Z.Efimenko, Yu.Kuzubov, V.Malakhatko, V.Golod, L.Kritz and V.Kotronias 4.5.
more [source: bcmchess.co.uk]

28.09.2007 World Senior Chess Championships
Leading standings after round 10: A.Butnorius LTU 8.5/10; V.Jansa CZE 8; I.Farago HUN, G.Danner AUT, V.Tseshkovsky, Yu.Shabanov and E.Vasiukov RUS, J.Plachetka SVK and H.Westerinrn FIN 7.5. Women: H.Erenska-Barlo POL 7/10; L.Saunina, E.Fatalibekova and S.Miednikova RUS, T.Fomina EST , T.Voronova and T.Vilerte LAT, H.Mira AUT 6.5.
more [source: www.chess-results.com]

Round 12: belated pursuit. Results: Svidler – Anand 1/2, Kramnik – Leko 1-0, Aronian – Gelfand 0-1, Morozevich – Grischuk 1-0. Standings: Anand 8/12; Gelfand 7; Kramnik 6.5; Aronian, Morozevich and Leko 5.5; Grischuk and Svidler 5. Pairings of round 13: Aronian – Svidler, Gelfand – Kramnik, Leko – Morozevich, Grischuk – Anand.
more [source: www.chessmexico.com]

27.09.2007 World Senior Chess Championships
Leading standings after round 9: IM A.Butnorius LTU 7.5/9, GMs I.Farago HUN, W.Uhlmann GER, V.Jansa CZE, J.Plachetka SVK, IM V.Karasev RUS and B.Malisov ISR 7. Women: WIM T.Fomina EST 6.5/9, WGM H.Erenska-Barlo POL, WIM T.Voronova LAT, WGM E.Fatalibekova RUS, WFM S.Miednikova RUS and WIM H.Mira AUT 6.
more [source: www.chess-results.com]

27.09.2007 16th Isle of Man International
Leading standings after round 5: GMs Vitali Golod and Michael Roiz ISR, Yu.Kuzubov, Z.Efimenko and Yu.Drozdovskij UKR, M.Bartel POL, V.Kotronias GRE and Yu.Yakovich RUS 4/5.
more [source: bcmchess.co.uk]

26.09.2007 World Senior Chess Championships
Leading standings after round 8: GMs I.Farago HUN, V.Jansa CZE, IMs A.Shestoperov RUS and A.Butnorius LTU 6.5/8. 16 players scored 6 points including V.Karasev and R.Altshul of St. Petersburg. Women: WIM T.Fomina EST 6/8, WGM E.Fatalibekova RUS, WIMs T.Voronova LAT, H.Mira AUT and WFM S.Miednikova RUS 5.5.
more [source: chess-results.com]

26.09.2007 16th Isle of Man International
GMs Vitali Golod and Michael Roiz lead on 3.5/4. 17 players including GM Yu.Yakovich RUS scored 3 points.
more [source: bcmchess.co.uk]

Round 11: Anand tries the crown on. Results: Anand – Morozevich 1-0, Leko – Aronian 1/2, Grischuk – Kramnik 1/2, Gelfand – Svidler 1/2. Standings: Anand 7.5/11; Gelfand 6; Aronian, Kramnik and Leko 5.5; Grischuk 5; Svidler and Morozevich 4.5. Pairings of round 12 (September 27th): Svidler – Anand, Kramnik – Leko, Morozevich – Grischuk, Aronian – Gelfand.
more [source: www.chessmexico.com]

25.09.2007 I.Smikovski. The Superior League of the 60th Russia Championship: A Creative Survey (Rounds I – IV)
We bring to our readers' attention a creative survey of the first four rounds of Russia championship’s Superior league in Krasnoyarsk prepared by IM Ivan Smikovski.
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25.09.2007 World Senior Chess Championships
GMs I.Farago HUN, W.Uhlmann GER and IM A.Shestoperov RUS lead on 6/7. Eleven players scored 5.5. There are five leaders in the women section on 5/7: WGM L.Saunina RUS, WIMs Tatyana Fomina EST, Tatiana Voronova LAT, WGM Elena Fatalibekova RUS and WFM Swietlana Miednikova RUS.
more [source: chess-results.com]

25.09.2007 16th Isle of Man International
GM Mateusz Bartel POL took the lead on 3/3. Seven GMs scored 2.5 points.
more [source: bcmchess.co.uk]

Round 10: Anand keeps the distance. Results: Aronian – Grischuk 1-0, Kramnik – Anand 1/2, Svidler – Morozevich 1/2, Gelfand – Leko 1/2. Standings: Anand 6.5/10; Gelfand 5.5; Aronian, Kramnik and Leko 5; Grischuk and Morozevich 4.5; Svidler 4. Pairings of round 11: Anand – Morozevich, Leko – Aronian, Grischuk – Kramnik, Gelfand – Svidler.
more [source: www.chessmexico.com]

24.09.2007 17th European Youth Chess Championship in Croatia
Kirill Alekseenko of St. Petersburg won gold medal in the B10 group, Anna Styazhkina and Arina Kiseleva (G10) are silver and bronze medallists. Other European Champions: G10 Cecile Haussernot FRA, G12 Aleksandra Lach POL, G14 Nazi Paikidze GEO, G16 Kubra Ozturk TUR, G18 Inna Ivakhinova RUS, B12 Illya Nyzhnyk UKR, B14 Sanan Sjugirov RUS, B16 Vugar Rasulov AZE, B18 Ivan Saric CRO.
more [source: chess-results.com]

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