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31.10.2007 European Team Chess Championships 2007
Round 4. Russia – Slovenia 3-1 (Morozevich – Beliavsky 1-0, Lenic – Jakovenko 0-1, Grischuk and Alekseev drew), Netherlands – Azerbaijan 1.5-2.5, Hungary – Israel 2-2, Makedonia – Ukraine 1.5-2.5, Armenia – Denmark 2-2. Leading standings: AZE 8(11.5), RUS 8(11.5), BUL 6(11), NED 6(10.5), SLO 6(10.5), UKR 6(10.5), CZE 6(10), ISR 6(10) FRA 6(10). Round 5 top pairings: AZE – RUS, BUL – CZE, UKR – FRA, ISR – NED. Women results: Russia – Hungary 2-2 (four draws: T. and N. Kosintsevs, Kovalevskaya and Korbut), Poland – France 3-1, Serbia – Georgia 0.5-3.5, Ukraine – Netherlands 2-2. Leading standings: POL 8(13), HUN 7(12.5), RUS 7(11.5), GEO 6(11.5), GRE1 6(11), SLO 6(10.5). Top pairings for tomorrow: POL – RUS, HUN – SLO, GEO – GRE1.
more [source: www.greekchess.com]

31.10.2007 Corsica Masters 2007
Rapid chess tournament finished yesterday in Bastia, Corsicaб France. A 10-round Swiss (10 m + 3 s/move) revealed 14 qualifiers (H.Nakamura of the USA was the winner on 8/10) who played a KO together with personally invited A.Karpov and R.Kasimdzhanov. Semifinals: E.Bareev – H.Nakamura 1-3, R.Kasimdzhanov – A.Karpov 3-1; finale: Kasimdzhanov - Nakamura 0-2.
more [source: www.echecs.asso.fr]

31.10.2007 Today is the 115th anniversary of Alexander Alekhine
The fourth World Champion Alexander Alekhine was born in Moscow on 31st of October 1892. See his biography by B.Nosik (from the 'Zvezda' magazine #9/2006) with interesting photos (in Russian).
more [source: botinok.co.il]

31.10.2007 Russian Students Championship 2007
GM Pavel Maletin (Novosibirsk) won the individual competition with 8/9. The same result showed GM Dmitry Kokarev (Penza); the bronze medalist is Roman Davidov (Tomsk) with 7 points, on tie-break with 4 GMs and one IM. Girl medalists: WGM Natalija Pogonina (Saratov) 6, WIMs Olga Iljushina (Saratov) and Ekaterina Kharashuta (Novosibirsk) 5. In team reckoning the winner is SGSEU Saratov (GMs I.Khairullin, A.Evdokimov, D.Andreikin and E.Shaposhnikov), universities of Ekaterinburg and Novokuznetsk are on the 2nd and 3rd places.
more [source: www.admnkz.ru]

30.10.2007 European Team Chess Championships 2007
Round 3. Russia – Czech Republic 2.5-1.5 (Svidler – Navara 1-0, Morozevich, Grischuk and Jakovenko drew), Azerbaijan – Denmark 2.5-1.5, Netherlands – Serbia 2.5-1.5, Slovenia – Hungary 2.5-1.5, Israel – Ukraine 2-2. Leading standings: SLO 6(9.5), AZE 6(9), NED 6(9), RUS 6(8.5), ISR 5(8). Round 4 top pairings: RUS – SLO, NED – AZE. Women results: Russia – Bulgaria 3.5-0.5 (Kosteniuk – Stefanova 1-0, T. and N. Kosintsevs also won, Kovalevskaya drew), Hungary – France 3.5-0.5, Netherlands – Poland 1.5-2.5. Leading standings: HUN 6(10.5), POL 6(10), RUS 6(9.5). Tomorrow will play: RUS – HUN, POL – FRA.
more [source: www.greekchess.com]

30.10.2007 M.Notkin. September best: Kramnik – Morozevich
Our columnist IM Maxim Notkin presents the results of experts' voting for the best game played in September 2007.
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30.10.2007 Recommended reading: V.Kramnik interviewed by 'Izvestia'
World ex-champion Vladimir Kramnik gave an exclusive interview to the 'Izvestia' newspaper correspondent in Paris Yu.Kovalenko. Vladimir says he has loaned the crown to Anand for a while. (In Russian).
more [source: www.izvestia.ru]

30.10.2007 Round 1 in Khanty-Mansiysk: Sakaev – Vitiugov
FIDE published Round1 pairings of the World Cup to start in Khanty-Mansiysk on November 24th. St. Petersburg grandmasters caught the following opponents: P.Svidler 2732 – E.Iturrizaga VEN 2435, E.Alekseev 2716 – A.Ismagambetov KAZ 2480, A.Khalifman 2643 – V.Belov RUS 2587, and, alas, K.Sakaev 2634 – N.Vitiugov 2594! To make it worse, due to ill fate a winner of this match will meet... Alekseev who is most likely to pass his opponent.
more [source: www.fide.com]

29.10.2007 European Team Chess Championships 2007
Round 2. Russia beat Armenia 2.5-1.5 (Morozevich – Akopian 1-0, Svidler, Alekseev and Jakovenko drew). 8 teams more scored 4 MP of 4. Tomorrow Russia will play against Czech Republic. Women: Russia won a difficult victory over Armenia 2.5-1.5 (Kosteniuk and Kovalevskaya won, N.Kosintseva drew, Korbut lost), and leads together with 5 other teams. Tomorrow opponent is Bulgaria.
more [source: www.greekchess.com]

29.10.2007 Two chessplayers are among 100 living geniuses
4000 British people took part in a poll carried out by the Creators Synectics Co. They were asked to name 10 geniuses living now. In the final list of 100 top nominees there are two chessplayers: Garry Kasparov (25th) and Robert Fischer (32nd-39th). (In Russian).
more [source: rokf.ru]

29.10.2007 I.Smikovski. The Superior League of the 60th Russia Championship: A Creative Survey (Rounds VIII-XI)
We bring to our readers' attention a creative survey of the rounds VIII-XI of Russia championship’s Superior league in Krasnoyarsk prepared by IM Ivan Smikovski.
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29.10.2007 Russian Students Championship 2007
112 students of 14 Russian cities are playing in Novokuznetsk in the individual-and-team championship (9 round Swiss tournament), including 9 GMs and 3 WGMs. Team result is the sum of four best results of players from one university. After 7 rounds the leaders are: GM Pavel Maletin (Novosibirsk) 6.5, GM Dmitry Kokarev (Penza) 6, GM Dmitry Bocharov (Novokuznetsk) 5.5. WGM Natalija Pogonina is the best of girls – 5/7.
more [source: www.admnkz.ru]

29.10.2007 I.Zaitsev. Transformation of a system
Grandmaster Igor Zaitsev in his new work on rook endgame theory analises the ending of the famous game Botvinnik - Fischer, Varna 1962.
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28.10.2007 Recommended reading: S.Shipov. 'Remembering my friend'
Grandmaster Sergey Shipov devoted his material to tragically lost IM Sergej Nikolaev, some games included. (In Russian).
more [source: www.crestbook.com]

28.10.2007 European Team Chess Championships 2007
In round 1 Russia defeated Sweden 3.5-0.5 (Svidler, Morozevich and Alekseev won, Jakovenko drew). Stronger teams won surely, except for Poland who lost to Montenegro 0.5-3.5. Women: Russia – Israel 3.5-0.5 (Kosteniuk and Kosintsevs sisters won Kovalevskaya drew); sensational results: Lithuania – Georgia 2.5-1.5, Ukraine – Azerbaijan 1.5-2.5. Tomorrow both men and women Russia teams will play against Armenia teams.
more [source: www.greekchess.com]

28.10.2007 Exhibition Rapid Match Ivanchuk – Leko
On day 3 Leko managed to win two games with white, thus bringing the match to a draw 6-6. On tie-break (4 m + 2 s/move) Ivanchuk won 1.5-0.5, having defeated Leko with black.
more [source: www.ivanchuk-leko2007.com]

28.10.2007 European Team Chess Championships 2007
Round 1 top pairings: Russia – Sweden, Bosnia i Herzegovina – Ukraine, Azerbaijan – Turkey, Romania – Armenia, Bulgaria – Lithuania. Women: Russia – Israel, Lithuania – Georgia, Ukraine – Azerbaijan, Czech Republic – France, Hungary – Turkey.
more [source: www.greekchess.com]

28.10.2007 In memory of Konstantin Aseev (20.10.1960 – 22.08.2004)
On October 27th a Scheveningen tournament in memory of grandmaster Konstantin Aseev took place in B.Spassky Chess Club, St. Petersburg. Ten 'Experienced grandmasters' played against 'Young masters' with 10 m time control and won a difficult overall victory 51.5-48.5.
more [source: chesscenter.ru]

27.10.2007 Exhibition Rapid Match Ivanchuk – Leko
Exhibition Rapid Match Ivanchuk – Leko Day 2 was the exact copy of the first day in results, and now Ivanchuk leads 5-3.
more [source: www.ivanchuk-leko2007.com]

27.10.2007 European Blitz Championship
The tournament, which was also the Open French Championship, took place in Ajaccio, Corsica, on October 25-26. 340 participants (13 foreigners only) played 16 matches of 2 games (3 m + 2 s/move). Vlad Tkachiev FRA became the champion with 25.5/32, Laurent Fressinet FRA scored 24.5, Anatoly Karpov RUS 24.
more [source: www.echecs.asso.fr]

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