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30.04.2007 Dubai Open
Before the last 9th round the leaders are G.Guseinov (AZE) and L.Pantsulaia (GEO) with 6.5 points each. Trailing by half a point are the other 9 players. The prize money for the tournament is USD 40000, the first prize being USD 5000, the second one – USD 4000 and the third one - USD 3500. The 13th place bonus is one thousand greens.
more [source: chess-results.com]

Tomorrow in Dagomys the Russia Club Championships in four nominations will start. They are: men’s Premier League of the ХIVth Russia championship (12 teams will play in round robin for the championship medals and European Club Cup berths), VIIIth ladies’ championship (14 teams are going to be divided into two groups, and then 8 best team will play for medals, the group results being taken into account), men’s Superior league (10 teams are to struggle for promotion into a higher league) and Children’s league (17 teams). The competitions will be held from the 1st to the 11th of May. St.Petersburg is represented by three teams of the M.I.Chigorin Club (in the Premier League, the ladies’ championship and the children’s league), three FINEK teams (in the Superior league and two teams in the ladies’ championship) and another previously unknown ladies’ team.
more [source: chessliga.ru]

30.04.2007 ANNOUNCEMENT OF OUR PUBLICATION: School of Alexander Panchenko
25 years ago Vera Nikolaevna Tikhomirova had suggested to establish an all-Russia chess school. One section of it became famous as the School of grandmaster Alexander Panchenko (another section was headed by Evgeny Sveshnikov). Many well-known grandmasters had grown up in it both in chess and human sense. The school gave much also to those who had not become chess professionals. In May our site will publish materials about Panchenko School written by its graduates, grandmasters A.Galliamova, S.Rublevsky, M.Ulibin, S.Volkov, R.Sherbakov, V.Milov, M.Sorokin, D.Yevseev, E.Kovalevskaya, A.Prudnikova, T.Shumiakina, by present student A.Timofeev, by WIM R.Bilunova. An excellent text was sent to us by A.Zizevskikh, a student in 1981-1990. Grandmaster Panchenko gave us an interview and prepared some of his works for publication at our site. The idea to tell about schools (in many senses) of M.Botvinnik, V.Smyslov, M.Dvoretsky, I.Zaitsev, E.Sveshnikov, about chess legacy of I.Bondarevsky and other outstanding trainers, was one by IM Sergej Nikolaev. He also took a burden of accomplishing the project. Realizing that it is better to move forward using invaluable (often undervalued, sometimes unknown) works of brilliant teachers and coaches of the past, we hope that our new project will be of interest to our readers. Watch for our publications!
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The final 7th and 8th games of Peter Leko – Vladimir Kramnik match in the Hungarian city of Miskolc both ended in draws. The score is 4,5 to 3,5 in favor of Russian GM. The World champion will play rapid chess again as early as next Friday. His match against Levon Aronian will be held from May 4 to May 6 in Yerevan - “at the foreign turf” again.
more [source: www.lekokramnyik.hu]

29.04.2007 The Ukraine dub championship
Having won all 9 matches the Kiev "Keystone" team became the Ukraine club champion in Alushta. The winners scored 18 team points out of 18 and 41.5 individual points out of 54. The lineup of the winning team is as follows: GMs Ponomariov, Onischuk, Areshchenko, Miroshnichenko, Baklan, Timoshenko and Vysochin. The runner-up is the I.Franko University team (Lvov) with 15 (37 individual) points, the third place went to TNU (Simferopol) team scoring 13 (34,5) points. Neither runner-up nor third-place holder had a single GM in their lineup.
more [source: www.chesspage.kiev.ua]

29.04.2007 Moscow championship
The final results of Moscow ladies championship are as follows: 1.T.Grabuzova 8,5 points in 11 games, 2.D.Charochkina 7,5, 3.A.Shumilina, 4.B.Mongontuul – both 7, 5-7.S.Vasilkova, M.Manakova, M.Fominykh – 6 points all, 8.M.Guseva - 5,5, 9-10.V.Gansvind, V.Repina - both 3,5, 11.S.Chasovnikova 3, 12.N.Potikhoshkina 2,5.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

29.04.2007 Dubai Open
After 7 rounds the ranks of leaders have grown: now 10 players head the table! They are: P.Kotsur and D.Sadvakasov (both KAz), T.Gelashvili and L.Pantsulaia (both GEO), A.Bagheri and E.Ghaem Maghami (both IRI), G.Guseinov (AZE), T.Kotanjian (ARM), S.Megaranto (INA) and P.Girinath (IND).
more [source: chess-results.com]

28.04.2007 Leko vs Kramnik Match
The opponents exchanged wins in Miskolc today, both as White. Kramnik leads 3.5-2.5. The last two games are to be played tomorrow.
more [source: www.lekokramnyik.hu]

28.04.2007 Moscow Championship
Grandmaster Tatiana Grabuzova guaranteed the title of Champion of Moscow before the last round to be played today. She scored 8 of 10. D.Charochkina has 7 points, B.Mongontuul and A.Shumilina 6.5.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

28.04.2007 Dubai Open
In the capital of the United Arab Emirates an open tournament is taking place, 126 chessplayers from 24 countries are in including 29 GMs. After six rounds 8 GMs lead scoring 5 points: P.Kotsur, D.Sadvakasov (KAZ), T.Gelashvili, L.Pantsulaia (GEO), G.Guseinov (AZE), T.Kotanjian (ARM), S.Megaranto (INA) and E.Ghaem Maghami (IRI).
more [source: www.arabfide.com]

27.04.2007 Developing Chess by a Decree of the Prezident of Azerbaijan
The President of Azerbaijan I.Aliev signed the Decree on elaborating in three months the State program of developing chess in the country for the 2008-2013 period. The commission is given to the Ministries of youth and sports, of education, to the National Olympic Committee and the Azerbaijan Chess Federation.
more [source: www.regnum.ru]

27.04.2007 I.Smikovski. Dresden Sketches (European Championship, Rounds 7-11)
A creativity review of Rounds 7-11 of the European Champioship in Dresden has been prepared by IM Ivan Smikovski.
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GM Evgeny Gleizerov comments on the game A.Motylev - C.Lutz, which has beenchosen as one of the best games in February 2007, in the "Expert's Choice" section.
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27.04.2007 A New Project: FIDE + 'Global Chess BV'
The following letter has been received yesterday from 'ChessVibes' internet edition. 'Dear editors, Yesterday a contract was signed between the Max Euwe Center and Global Chess BV, the new company which will be responsible for many FIDE tournaments and matches as well as the marketing of the game of chess in general. It means Global Chess BV will have their head office in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ChessVibes had interviews with Bessel Kok and with FIDE Vice President Geoffrey Borg, about the cooperation with the Max Euwe Center and especially about the plans of Global Chess BV. Everything can be found at http://www.chessvibes.com/?p=794&lp_lang_view=en. Enjoy! Best regards, Peter Doggers Editor-in-chief, ChessVibes'
more [source: www.chessvibes.com]

27.04.2007 Club Championship of the Ukraine
After 5 rounds 'Keystone' Kiev leads with 10 match points of 10. 'University' Lvov scored 9, TNU Simferopol 7.
more [source: www.champion.com.ua]

27.04.2007 Gausdal Classics
The 9th round results: Carlsen – Krasenkow 1-0, Moskow – Krush 0-1, other games drawn. Final standings: 1. M.Carlsen 7/9, 2. M.Krasenkow 5.5, 3. L.Portisch 5.5, 4. E.Rozentalis 5.5, 5. K.Kulaots 5, 6. I.Krush 4,5. 7. A.Dreev 4.5, 8. K.Lie 4, 9. G.Jones 2.5, 10. E.Moskow 1.
more [source: www.bergensjakk.no]

27.04.2007 The 15th Sigeman Tournament
The last round results: L'Ami – Hector 1-0, Negi – Hermansson 1-0, Kotronias – Carlsson 0-1, Berg – Hillarp Persson 1/2, Timman – Cheparinov 1/2. Final standings: 1. I.Cheparinov 7/9, 2-4. J.Timman, E.Berg, T.Hillarp Persson 5.5, 5. P.Carlsson 5, 6. V.Kotronias 4.5, 7-8. E.L'Ami, P.Negi 4, 9-10.J.Hector, E.Hermansson 2.
more [source: www.sigeman-chess.com]

26.04.2007 Leko vs Kramnik Match
Vladimir Kramnik won game 3 and leads 2.5-1.5 after four rapid games. Games 5 and to be played on Saturday.
more [source: www.lekokramnyik.hu]

26.04.2007 The Kosintsevs Sisters Dream of Playing against the Polgars Sisters!
At a press-conference at 'Dvina-Inform' News Agency in Arkhangelsk the European Champion 2007 Tatiana Kosintseva claimed that she and her sister Nadezhda dream of playing a match against the Polgars sisters and would wish to meet Kramnik and Topalov over the board.
more [source: www.dvinainform.ru]

26.04.2007 Gausdal Classics
Round 8 results: Krush – Carlsen and Krasenkow – Kulaots drawn, Portisch – Moskow 1-0, Rozentalis – Jones 1-0, Lie – Dreev 1-0. Before the last round the leading standings are: M.Carlsen 6/8, M.Krasenkow 5.5, L.Portisch 5, E.Rozentalis 5, K.Kulaots 4.5.
more [source: www.bergensjakk.no]

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