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FIDE rating list on April 1, 2007 is published. WORLD TOP 10 is: Topalov 2791, Anand 2778, Kramnik 2772, Aronian 2759, Mamedyarov 2757, Morozevich 2756, Leko 2749, Radjabov 2747, Ivanchuk 2735, Adams 2734. RUSSIAN TOP 10 is: Kramnik 2772, Morozevich 2756, Svidler 2731, Grischuk 2717, Jakovenko 2708, Rublevsky 2680, Alekseev and Malakhov 2679, Inarkiev 2669, Karpov 2668 (the retired Kasparov (2812) doesn’t enter the list). SAINT PETERSBURG TOP 10 is: Svidler 2731, Alekseev 2679, Sakaev 2633, Khalifman 2624, Vitiugov 2592, Popov 2589, Yemelin 2564, Epishin 2559, Ionov 2539, Ivanov 2536.
more [source: www.fide.com]

31.03.2007 Moscow Championship
The following players qualified yesterday for the 8 player round robin which will take place in the second half of April: V.Belov (prevailed over N.Chadaev), E.Vorobjov (over A.Gabrielian), A.Gavrilov (over B.Savchenko), A.Korotylev (over B.Sambuev), S.Novikov (over A.Deviatkin) and A.Rychagov (over I.Naumkin). The continuation of the controversy of two other pairs (O.Nikolenko – B.Grachev and I.Popov – F.Amonatov) is postponed to Sunday according to A.Deviatkin's information published on the guestbook of ChessPro.ru.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

30.03.2007 Moscow Championship
The first games of 1/8 finals have been played. V.Belov beat N.Chadaev, A.Rychagov beat I.Naumkin, B.Grachev beat O.Nikolenko, E.Vorobjov beat A.Gabrielian, B.Savchenko beat A.Gavrilov, F.Amonatov beat I.Popov and S.Novikov beat A.Deviatkin. A.Korotylev and B.Sambuev drew their game.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

30.03.2007 We advise you to read: An interview with the basketball player L.Papadopoulos.
Sovetskij Sport publishes an interview with the best European basketball center forward Lazaros Papadopoulos who plays for Dynamo Moscow. Among other things it is told about the Greek’s fondness for chess and his encounters at the chess board with master A.Grigoriadis (Elo 2304) with whom they play “many good games”.
more [source: www.sovsport.ru]

30.03.2007 AMBER IN MONACO
In the final 11th round in blindfold games Morozevich beat Svidler and Aronian beat Ivanchuk, the games Vallejo – Kramnik, Carlsen – Van Wely, Gelfand – Anand and Leko – Radjabov were drawn. Blindfold final standings: 1. Kramnik – 9, 2-3. Gelfand and Morozevich – 7, 4-5. Ivanchuk and Svidler – 6.5, 6. Aronian – 6, 7-8. Anand and Radjabov – 5, 9-10. Carlsen and Leko – 4, 11. Van Wely – 3.5, 12. Vallejo – 2.5. In rapid games Svidler beat Morozevich, Carlsen beat Van Wely, Leko beat Radjabov, the games Anand – Gelfand, Ivanchuk – Aronian and Kramnik – Vallejo were drawn. Rapid final standings: 1. Anand – 8.5, 2-5. Ivanchuk, Carlsen, Kramnik and Leko – 6.5, 6. Aronian – 6, 7. Svidler – 5.5, 8-9. Gelfand and Morozevich – 4.5, 10-11. Vallejo and Radjabov – 4, 12. Van Wely – 3. Combined final standings: 1. Kramnik – 15.5, 2. Anand – 13.5, 3. Ivanchuk – 13, 4-5. Aronian and Svidler – 12, 6-7. Gelfand and Morozevich – 11.5, 8-9. Carlsen and Leko – 10.5, 10. Radjabov – 9, 11-12. Vallejo and Van Wely – 6.5.
more [source: www.amberchess.com]

29.03.2007 New Karpov from Kirzhach
In an article titled “A new Anatoly Karpov is growing up in Kirzhach” journalists of Vladimir introduce Dmitry Lavrik, the 2006 Russian Champion under 14.
more [source: vladimir.rfn.ru]

29.03.2007 Moscow Championship
The 1/16 finals of Moscow Championship finished without sensations. Unfortunately the veterans Y.Balashov, E.Vasiukov and Y.Shabanov were eliminated. Follow the link to see the results. Today the first games of 1/8 finals are played. Pairings are: A.Korotylev – B.Sambuev, V.Belov – N.Chadaev, A.Rychagov – I.Naumkin, B.Grachev – O.Nikolenko, E.Vorobjov – A.Gabrielian, B.Savchenko – A.Gavrilov, F.Amonatov – I.Popov and A.Deviatkin – S.Novikov. Tomorrow the eight players will be known who will play for the title of the capital’s champion in April.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

29.03.2007 AMBER IN MONACO
In the penultimate 10th round in blindfold games Radjabov beat Aronian, Morozevich beat Carlsen, Van Wely beat Vallejo, the games Anand – Leko, Ivanchuk – Gelfand and Kramnik –Svidler were drawn. In rapid games Radjabov beat Aronian, Carlsen beat Morozevich, Vallejo beat Van Wely, the games Leko – Anand, Gelfand – Ivanchuk and Svidler – Kramnik ended in draws. Standings after 10 rounds: 1. Kramnik – 14.5, 2-3. Anand and Ivanchuk – 12.5, 4. Svidler – 11, 5-7. Aronian, Gelfand and Morozevich – 10.5, 8-9. Carlsen and Leko – 9, 10. Radjabov – 8.5, 11. Van Wely – 6, 12. Vallejo – 5.5. Tomorrow in final round pairings are: Vallejo – Kramnik, Carlsen – Van Wely, Svidler – Morozevich, Gelfand – Anand, Aronian – Ivanchuk and Leko – Radjabov.
more [source: www.amberchess.com]

28.03.2007 Moscow Championship
Yesterday the first games of 1/16 final were played. We provide a link to the results.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

28.03.2007 AMBER IN MONACO
There are two rounds left to play in the tournament but already now it is possible to sum up without risk of making a mistake. The winner of the event in combined standings will be the world champion Vladimir Kramnik. He has scored 13.5 points out of 18 and is two points ahead of the closest pursuers Anand and Ivanchuk. In two final rounds it is enough for Kramnik to score 2 out of 4 against P.Svidler and F.Vallejo. V.Anand (he plays P.Leko and B.Gelfand) and V.Ivanchuk (he plays Gelfand and L.Aronian) need to win four games in a row to catch up with Vladimir. The same is Kramnik’s superiority in blindfold play. He has scored 8 out of 9 – two points more than Gelfand, Ivanchuk and Svidler who are sharing second place. The best rapid player is already known too – as usual it will be Anand who has 7.5 points out of 9. The closest pursuers Aronian, Ivanchuk and Kramnik are two points behind as well.
more [source: www.amberchess.com]

28.03.2007 I.Smikovsky. Aeroflot Open (survey of rounds 1-5)
The survey of creative achievements of the international tournament "Aeroflot Open" is prepared by IM Ivan Smikovsky.
read article

28.03.2007 AMBER IN MONACO
In the 9th round blindfold games Aronian beat Anand, Ivanchuk beat Leko and Gelfand beat Radjabov, the games Vallejo – Morozevich, Carlsen – Kramnik and Svidler – Van Wely were drawn. In rapid chess Kramnik beat Carlsen, Van Wely beat Svidler, Morozevich beat Vallejo and Anand beat Aronian, the games Ivanchuk – Leko and Radjabov – Gelfand ended in draws. Standings after 9 rounds: 1. Kramnik – 13.5, 2-3. Anand and Ivanchuk – 11.5, 4. Aronian – 10.5, Svidler – 10, 6-7. Gelfand and Morozevich – 9.5, 8-9. Carlsen and Leko – 8, 10. Radjabov – 6.5, 11-12. Vallejo and Van Wely – 5. Tomorrow in the 10th round pairings are: Anand – Leko, Ivanchuk – Gelfand, Radjabov – Aronian, Kramnik – Svidler, Van Wely – Vallejo and Morozevich – Carlsen.
more [source: www.amberchess.com]

27.03.2007 Moscow Championship
The final part of Moscow Men’s Championship starts today. It will be divided in two stages. The first one is a knockout (27-28 March – 1/16, 29-30 March – 1/8) where 32 participants including 15 GMs play two regular games (and in case of level score two 15-minute games and the sudden death blitz 5/4) thus defining 8 best players. They will play a round robin tournament for the title in the second half of April. Curiously enough at the final stage Sofia rules will be applied.
more [source: www.chessmoscow.ru]

The line-up of the Sofia tournament which will take place from 9th to 20th of May is announced: Topalov, Nisipeanu, Mamedyarov, Kamsky, Adams and Sasikiran. It will be a double round robin played according to the “Sofia rules” – opponents can’t agree to a draw on their own. Just a reminder that last year, apart from Topalov and Kamsky, the participants were Anand, Svidler, Ponomariov and Bacrot.
more [source: www.chesscenter.com]

27.03.2007 Championship of Georgia
The Men’s Championship of Georgia finished yesterday in Tbilisi. 12 players including 9 GMs took part in the event. Baadur Jobava became the winner with 8.5 points out of 11. David Arutinian was second scoring one point less. Georgy Giorgadze and Levan Pantsulaia finished on 7 points. The former took the bronze medal after a tie-break match. The prize winners received the sponsorship for the European Championship.
more [source: newsgeorgia.ru]

26.03.2007 AMBER IN MONACO
Today is the rest day. Tomorrow the 9th round is played. Pairings are: Carlsen – Kramnik, Svidler – Van Wely, Vallejo – Morozevich, Aronian – Anand, Leko – Ivanchuk, Gelfand – Radjabov. At the intermediate finish V.Kramnik is unrivalled in blindfold play – 7.5 out of 8! P.Svidler is second with 5.5 points, B.Gelfand and V.Ivanchuk are on 5. Having scored only 4 out of 8 in blindfold Anand and Aronian are the strongest in rapid chess so far. Vishy has 6.5 points out of 8, Levon – 5.5. V.Ivanchuk is third with 5 points.
more [source: www.amberchess.com]

26.03.2007 Georgy Agzamov Memorial
GMs Leonid Yurtaev (Kyrgyzstan) and Marat Dzhumaev and IM Sergey Kaiumov (both of Uzbekistan) scored 7 points out of 9 at the 1st Georgy Agzamov Memorial that has just finished in Tashkent. This is precisely their placing according to tie-breaks. We provide a link to final standings.
more [source: www.uzchess.uz]

25.03.2007 AMBER IN MONACO
In the 8th round blindfold games Aronian beat Van Wely, Morozevich beat Leko, Kramnik beat Gelfand, Svidler beat Radjabov, Anand beat Vallejo, the game Ivanchuk – Carlsen was drawn. In rapid chess Leko beat Morozevich, Carlsen beat Ivanchuk, Svidler beat Radjabov, Anand beat Vallejo, the games Aronian – Van Wely and Gelfand – Kramnik were drawn. Standings after8 rounds: 1. Kramnik – 12, 2. Anand – 10.5, 3. Ivanchuk – 10, 4-5. Aronian and Svidler – 9.5, 6-7. Gelfand and Morozevich – 8, 8-9. Carlsen and Leko – 7.5, 10. Radjabov – 6, 11. Vallejo – 4.5, 12. Van Wely – 3.5. Tomorrow is a day-off.
more [source: www.amberchess.com]

25.03.2007 Children’s festival in memory of V.G.Zak
Children’s festival in memory of V.G.Zak The traditional children’s festival in memory of the USSR Merited Trainer Vladimir Grigorjevich Zak (1913-1994) is being held for 13th time. It started yesterday and will be finished on 1st April. The schedule includes team competitions of the kids born 1995 and 1997 (take place in Anichkov Palace) and also two Swiss tournaments – for Elo-rated players and for candidate masters and first category players (take place in M.I.Chigorin Club).
more [source: www.totalchess.spb.ru]

25.03.2007 Georgy Agzamov Memorial
Before the final 9th round GM L.Yurtaev ands IM S.Kaiumov are leading with 6.5 points. GMs M.Dzhumaev, A.Fominyh, S.Iuldashev and IM A.Filippov have half a point less.
more [source: www.uzchess.uz]

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