23.12.2004 Creative results of the World Chess Olympiad

The review of creative results of the Olympiad is divided into two parts.

In the first part of the review there is in a sense a collection of interesting games, played in different matches of the Olympiad, irrespectively of their sports significance and "star status" of the players.

Examples are divided into several subject groups: positional games, the best attacks, calculation and vigorous maintenance of an initiative, nonstandard ideas and struggle with heterogeneous material.

At the first place in creative respect the author would put the game Svidler – Lautier – a brilliant example of a deep opening-middle game preparation and, in point of fact, new disposition of White pieces in the actual variant of the Sicilian defence.

The game Ivanchuk – Rajabov can also be distinguished – there is also an original idea in the opening and very vigorous attack on the Black king in the middle game that left Black no chance to escape.

In the second part there are creativity of the most distinguished chess players and some games, which are important in sport respect.
Here the games of Ivanchuk, Volokitin, Karjakin (Ukraine), Morozevich and Svidler (Russian) and R.Vaganian (Armenia) – the most remarkable in the prize-winner teams – are analyzed.

Being in good form the best players of the leader teams in many games practically swept off the board their opponents, among them there were very strong chess players from the world top hundred.

Two games of Alexander Morozevich – though lost, but very interesting and nonstandard by the playing pattern – should be mentioned particularly.

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