30.12.2004 What will the coming year bring?

The year 2004 that comes to end was the first in the history of our website, and to be more precise, www.e3e5.com appeared in the December of 2003. In the first months new articles and materials were presented weekly, then – twice a week, new information section appeared… What can our readers expect in the beginning of the New 2005 year?
First of all in the nearest future the design and the navigation of the website will change, new rubrics will appear, searching of necessary information will become more convenient.
We hope that our readers will be agreeably surprised with a fair amount of materials, which are in reserve. To your judgement we will present two works of M.Dvoretsky. One of them is devoted to exchange of queens, and the other demonstrates how negatives of great chess players tell on objectivity of their comments to games.
At present a book of E.Sveshnkov, devoted to the variant 3.е5 in the French defence, is being prepared to appearance. The grand master prepared for the website the original material on the basis of his own investigation of that subject.
In the rubric «Portrait of a chess player" in the beginning of January we will present one of the strongest grand masters of the world E.Bareev – his portrait was created by D.Evseev.
The man's Cup of Russia will be covered by its participant N.Vitiugov. We intend to continue to acquaint the readers with creative results of important competitions. Interesting articles of S.Ivanov, I.Odessky, S.Klimov and other famous authors are reserved for you.
A new article of V.Faibisovich will appear in the historical section of the website. It returns us to the years of implacable rivalry of chess players of Moscow and Leningrad within the limits of the Team championships of the country.
Soon an absolutely new rubric "Children's room" (the idea of Barsky) will appear at our website. In it we will provide an opportunity to do first creative steps for the today's young talents and for champions, who will be presented by their early creativity or the stories of witnesses about its development. There are a lot of interesting ideas – we hope that a number of them will be realized in the next year.
In closing we want to thank all of the our authors for the works, that we've placed at our website and to wish them many new bright works in the coming year, which we will publish with pleasure.
We also thank all our readers for their drop-in, their patience to our mistakes and inconvenience of navigation. We hope that everything that is bad will stay in the leap-year and the coming year wll be happy for you.

Happy New 2005 year, dear friends!

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