20.10.2004 V.Kramnik is the world champion!

Kramnik of Russian epic

"All is well that ends well". Our epic hero was lying on the stove-bench and yawned. But when a foreigner began to try on the crown, to examine new lands, his bold Russian spirit didn't stand: Vladimir the Red Son mustered up his strength, found a sword in a lumber-room (it didn't rust through!) and a lance under his bed (it didn't become blunt!), and came for the last fight – beat the mortal enemy to pieces, and gave an interview, that everything was all right, is all right and will be, and... Certainly we will learn soon, how the plot develops. God willing, our epic hero won't lie down on the stove-bench again, but will understand that it will cost him dear to trust to luck. And he will have to fight with the unconquerable and the legendary enemy, that was defeated by him once, but is still sure that it happened by pure accident...

It's pleasant, the devil take it, that V.Kramnik got out of a difficult situation with honour, now if the unifying match will take place, then at least one representative of Russia will participate in it. The past match brought up a lot of questions, the main of which: why do the best chess players of the world, being aware of the difficulties that were to overcome to find sponsors and for the match to take place, nevertheless shirk fighting in more than a half of the games? And hence there arise another question: what requirements must be introduced to regulations in order that struggle would be carried on in every game?

I wonder, what would be the result of the match, if pragmatism of Leko didn't prevail over common sense and if in several meetings, in which Hungarian having advantage and playing with black pieces accepted a draw, he would simply kept on fighting? Probably only when we'll simmer down after the match we'll get answers to some questions. And for now – congratulation to V.Kramnik!

A report about the second half of the match by international master, honoured trainer of Russia A.Lukin will be published at our website this week.


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