26.08.2005 Teimour Radjabov gives his view

What do you think about the cooperation between the ACP and FIDE? What is the prospective of such cooperation?

My attitude to it is very positive. Of course, it will not be easy to find a compromise that would please all parties involved. However, as there is a will to cooperate, there is a prospective.

Should the ACP Tour be included into the world championship cycle in some way? What pro and contra arguments should be considered to make a decision?

Yes, I think so, the ACP Tour should be included into the world championship cycle. Generally I feel we should pattern our system on the tennis system. It will sort things out.

Are you comfortable with the present situation with two official time controls? Which one do you prefer?

I do not care which control is used. I like playing chess regardless of the time control.

Should the compromise control, suggested during the FIDE-ACP meeting (1.40/40, 30 min RG, +30 sec per move) be tested?

I think I have played with such a control somewhere. It was ok.

What do you think about possible introduction of a new title that surpasses a GM title? Which criteria should be used to determine 'super-GMs'?

Indeed, a title of SuperGM can be introduced. For example, for players with the rating 2700 and above. However, the prefix "Super" must be removed once a player falls below this mark.

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