19.08.2005 Hikaru Nakamura gives his view

What do you think about the cooperation between the ACP and FIDE?

I think that the ACP and FIDE need to find a way to come to some sort of agreement on players rights. I also strongly feel that with the current administration in FIDE any real agreements between the two groups are unlikely. It is reasonable to hope that there will be some changes after the next set of elections for FIDE.

Should the ACP Tour be included into the world championship cycle in some way? What pro and contra arguments should be considered to make a decision?

The idea of an ACP Tour having a role in the World Championship cycle is, in my opinion, absolutely ridiculous. I think the Tour is a good way of judging the best players who are active in chess. To determine the best player based on consistency is wrong, but still reasonable if the current knockout match cycle isn't reformed.

Are you comfortable with the present situation with two official time controls? Which one do you prefer?

I do not mind either of the two current controls, however, I do prefer the current FIDE control with 1:30+30 seconds per move.

Should the compromise control, suggested during the FIDE-ACP meeting (1.40/40, 30 min RG, +30 sec per move) be tested?

I definitely like the new idea of a time control which is Ms. Skripchenko's idea. The time control should be tested and all top GMs should give their valuable opinion on it.

What do you think about possible introduction of a new title that surpasses a GM title? Which criteria should be used to determine 'super-GMs'?

I do not think that a new title of 'Super GM' is needed. In my opinion A. GM titles should not be awarded based on a single performance or a win in several zonal tournaments; B. The Elo rating needed to become a GM should be upped to 2550.

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