04.08.2005 Osnos is 70 years old!

Our congratulations to a wonderful St. Petersburg chessplayer and trainer Vyacheslav Vulfovich Osnos, who celebrated his 70th birthday on Sunday, June 24. Osnos participated in 6 remarkable for the line-up finals of the USSR championships, and he was not lost among other participants (his best result was the 8th place in 1965). He became the champion of Leningrad twice (1972, 1980) and the USSR champion as a member of the city team (1960, 1962). In 1965 he got a title of international master – it was a honorable result those days! He had been a trainer and second of Korchnoi for many years, but he also had other important achievements as a trainer: Vasily Yemelin and Irina Sudakova traveled a long way from candidate masters to grandmasters in the face of their teacher. Kochyev, Lukin and other highly qualified chessplayers are among Osnos’s students. In 1974 he got a title of Honored trainer of Russia. He made a substantial contribution to the chess theory, he is the author of one of the best opening books “Reti Opening”. We are pleased to inform that Osnos writes a new book. We wish Vyacheslav Vulfovich well-doing, prosperity, energy and talented students!  

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