12.08.2005 Alexander Morozevich gives his view

What is your attitude to the cooperation between the FIDE and the ACP? How promising is it from your point of view?

I do not have any personal attitude to it. Chess has little prospective as a professional sport at a moment.

Do you think that the ACP Tour should be included into the world championship cycle? Which pros and cons should be taken into consideration when dealing with this issue?

Ideally, it is the ACP Tour what should determine the number one in the world. One should only improve the scoring system. A head-to-head match is more related to business than to sport.

Are you satisfied with the present situation when there ate two official time controls? Should a compromise control (1.40/40, 30 till the end + 30 seconds per move), which was worked out at the meeting of the FIDE and the ACP, be tested?

First of all one should gather a team of competent managers and try to save the situation on the whole. I don't think discussing details is so important.

What is your attitude to the creation of a new title that will surpass a title of the grandmaster? Which requirements should the candidates for this title meet?

An abundance of colleagues who can't play chess diminishes one's arrogance and is up to the spirit of the times. I am personally rather pleased about it. If we are talking about a new title, ideally its holders should at least be capable of playing chess. For example, they should have won a tournament of category 16 and above.

Photo from ChessBase archive

Questions were asked by Misha Savinov.

This article is published with permission of Association of Chess Professionals

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