04.08.2005 V. Korchnoi. SPASSKY

One of the largest publishing houses of Russia “AST” will publish soon a new autobiographical book by Victor Korchnoi “Chess without mercy” (416 pages, 32 pages of photos). A famous writer Vladimir Voinovich wrote a preface with a demonstrative title “I was reading this book as a thriller”. Declassified documents of the Central Committee of the CPSU, KGB and sports committee – these are organizations that waged for many long years a secret war against emigrant-malefactor who had been the main enemy of Soviet chess players for ten years. Korchnoi’s story was supplemented with notes by a famous journalist Victor Khenkin “Taking a parochial view”, that rendered the atmosphere of the Soviet chess community of the 60s-70s.


We have already published a chapter “The USA” on our web-site, now we suggest you to read another chapter “Spassky” devoted above all to the final Candidates’ match Korchnoi – Spassky (Belgrade 1977/78), and also to the relationship between the author and the tenth world champion. Victor Korchnoi annotated the decisive game of the match (as well as some others that were included in the book of memorable games) especially for this edition and this annotations will be published for the first time.

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