01.06.2005 Announcement of our publications
Soon our readers will have an opportunity to read about the competitive results of the supertournament in Sofia (Sergei Ivanov will sum them up), about Alexander Khalifman in the section "Portrait of a chessplayer" (grandmaster Ionov has drawn it). In our editorial office we already have new works of international masters: Dvoretsky, who does not need any epithets, Faibisovich, who penetrates the depths of history, Klimov, who is inclined to research. Other contributors include a chess composer Katsnelson and one of the most successful junior from St Petersburg, the Russian U-18 champion Vitiugov. Besides already well-known and popular columns like "The Laureates of the Month" (by IM Notkin), there might be a new one. You will get to know more about this and many other things from our publications.

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