15.03.2005 Emil Sutovsky answers the ACP questions

Should the ACP support classical chess, or promoting rapid and blitz chess would be more beneficial in your opinion?

Undoubtedly classical chess should be supported and classical time control for me is 6 or 7 hours, but not that of the FIDE, which in my point of view is a strange mixture of rapid and classical controls.

How should we deal with short draws?

The problem of short draws is not a new one, but any innovations should be studied carefully. I do not abuse the short draws myself, at the same time I realize that in some cases there are objective and subjective reasons for avoiding the struggle. I think it’s worth trying to conduct several tournaments banning draw offers (till, say, move 30) and to interview the participants and top grandmasters afterwards. Whatever the case, any decision dealing with the change of chess rules must be carefully thought out.

Should the present rating system be changed? Do you think that winning as Black should bring a player more rating points that winning with White?

In my opinion rating calculation according to Elo system is rather objective, and absolute objectivity is hardly to be reached. I don’t think it makes sense to give bonus to Black’s results, anyway the percentage of the games played with both colours is close to 50/50, so are there any reasons for complicating the calculation?

Do you think there should be a special control against various electronic equipment used by players? What is your opinion about doping tests?

In my opinion doping control makes no sense at all. I think that technical control needs to be gradually introduced into all important tournaments and official championships.

What is your favorite system of determining world's strongest player?

The present situation is knotty. It seems to me that a system that existed during 1990 – 1993 was optimal: large Swiss tournament (about 100 participants – according to rating plus the strongest juniors), 13 rounds. 7 winners get to the next stage where the world champion joins them. Quarter finals, semifinal and final are played. The winner becomes the world champion for 2 next years.

What in your opinion could make chess more spectacular, generally more popular?

I’m not sure that we need to make show of chess, perhaps, it’s better to remain in the intellectual niche. But in order to attract attention we need to make emphasis on educational role of chess and to introduce them to the school program. As for the finances, I believe that online transmission of the most important tournaments and official championships should be chargeable. I suppose there are quite a few people ready to plank down 5-10 euro to watch live broadcast of the games with the comments of well-known grandmasters. Total amount can turn out to be quite considerable. Those who refuse or are unable to pay will watch these games a bit later, but without comments.

Questions were asked and translated by Christina Ivanenko
Photo from ChessBase Archive

This article is published with permission of Association of Chess Professionals

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