Vadim Faibisovich


V.Faibisovich. There are still places…
IM V.Faibisovich takes us on tours of St. Petersburg's districts mentioning places where chess competitions were staged and where the leading chessplayers of the city lived. Seventh tour deals with Kirovsky, Moskovsky, Frunzensky and partly with Krasnoselsky and Nevsky districts.

V.Faibisovich. The First Six Years
Any anniversary always arouses an interest in the origins. Especially if at the issue is a unique center; you will find nothing like it either in our country or in the whole world.

Vadim Faibisovich. There are still places…
The International Master Vadim Faibisovich conducts excursions over the regions of Saint Petersburg marking out the places where chess tournaments were held or the leading players of the city lived. The sixth excursion is dedicated to the North East part of the Central region.

The 17th of January 1904 is a birthday of the St.Petersburg Chess Assembly, possibly the most successful organization in the history of Russian chess. But the Assembly didn’t exist for a long time. It worked in name only for 15 years, but in point of fact – only till the beginning of the Great War.

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